Approval Application for Korean LoCo Team (ubuntu-ko)


The Ubuntu Korean LoCo Team is a very active, fast growing group of people that supports and spreads Ubuntu amongst the Korean speaking community. It provides the most valuable and vital information on Ubuntu in the Korean language.

The Ubuntu Korean LoCo Team is composed of many people with diverse backgrounds and focusing on promoting the use of Ubuntu Linux and the free software philosophy in general. The team is shaping a set of projects that will be assigned to individual workgroups in the near future.

Key Details


  • 82 direct members of the Korean LoCo Team at Apr. 2010 Member Count

  • IRC: always over 100 participants, #ubuntu on
  • Mailing list: over 240 members

  • Forum: over 8400+ members


  • Maintain our own Ubuntu GNU/Linux distribution

    • Not made from scratch, just edit existing distribution to better suit an average Korean environment
  • Translation

    • Translate and fix some untranslated and fuzzy strings on Launchpad
    • Improve translation quality
  • Improve the Korean language support

    • Korean package support via PPA
    • Consolidate and rearrange documents regarding Korean environment setup
  • Renewal forum site

  • Plan in 2010

    • Hold a seminar in May
    • Hold a meeting in October


Team Communication

  • IRC : #ubuntu on According to irc stat reporting system Team IRC Stats, in the last 7 days we have had:

    • 246 different participating nicks in our channel
    • Totaled over 6700 lines a day on average in our channel
  • Forum : Korean Team Forum

    • About 3500 members
    • About 3000 topics
    • About 15500 posts
  • Mailing List : Team Mail List Archive

    • Over 240 members



  • Korean Team Reports 2006~

  • Year-End Party, 2008

    • Agenda: team member meeting
    • Photos

  • Summer party and seminar, 2008

    • Agenda : Seminars, give and take some stuffs, supporting configure Ubuntu
      • Packaging deb file and using PPA. introduce Korean team PPA
      • Participation in Open source projects and translation
    • Photos

  • The 6th Seminar, 2008

    • Talks
      • The future of opensourcekorea
      • Ubuntu 8.04 and small server
      • Introduce FreeBSD 7.0
      • Introduce LDAP JDK
      • How to use

      • Setup JAVA development environment using eclipse
      • Google Phone Android
    • Photos

  • 2008, 8.04 release party

    • Agenda : Team members meet
    • Photos

  • 2007, 3rd seminar

    • Agenda : Seminars
      • Introduce Ubuntu and installation
      • Introduce Jateon
  • 2006, 2nd seminar

    • Agenda : Introduce Ubuntu
    • Misc : Distribute Ubuntu Breezy install-CD + Live-CD
  • 2006, Ubuntu-ko Team meeting

    • Agenda : Member meeting, Organize seminar, discuss about book translation for ubuntu
  • 2006, 1st seminar

    • Agenda : Introduce Ubuntu
    • Misc : Distribute Ubuntu Breezy install-CD + Live-CD
  • 2006, Asia tour

    • Agenda : Meet Mark Richard Shuttleworth
    • Photos


KoreanTeam is approved.

irc log

<boredandblogging>      lets do Korea first since they were here for the last meeting
<keffie_jayx>   So have i
<boredandblogging>      Jihui_Choi: when did the LoCo start?
<boredandblogging>      their approval application:
<juliux>        nice logo;)
<Jihui_Choi>    as my known, since the late of 2005
<JanC>  I'm here
<keffie_jayx>   Ok
<boredandblogging>      JanC: cool, we are looking at the Korean application
<Jihui_Choi>    one of our member made the logo. the yin and yang symbol means our nation flag.
<boredandblogging>      Jihui_Choi: do most people use hanirc over freenode?
<Jihui_Choi>    yes. in korea, most of people use hanirc.
<popey> Jihui_Choi: is there more than one team in Korea? I recall seeing multiple edits of the loco team list a while ago, from people changing the Korea entry?
<Jihui_Choi>    for  checking our channel in hanirc, visit or 6666 #ubuntu
<Jihui_Choi>    popey, well.. it's a little complicate..
<Jihui_Choi>    But it's a just happening.
<popey> Is there some conflict?
<Jihui_Choi>    there is no another team.
<Jihui_Choi>    nope. just A TROLL made some problem.
<popey> It seems to have stopped now.
<Jihui_Choi>    I'm sorry I don't know how to explain
<popey> Jihui_Choi: What do you guys have planned for the coming year ahead?
<Jihui_Choi>    my friend will help me. wait please
<popey> no, it's fine, you don't need to explain further, I understand.
<Jihui_Choi>    yes. at first, we will hold a seminar in May.
<effie_jayx>    Jihui_Choi, are you planning to have a freenode channel anytime?
<Jihui_Choi>    we aleady have #ubuntu-ko
<EugeneLee>     popey:  one of person who want to controled loco team but he made some legal problem so he had sueing
<Jihui_Choi>    and from now, we'll make more active via our form link..
<popey> EugeneLee: oh dear
<Jihui_Choi>    Thank you EugeneLee
<EugeneLee>     :P
<popey> I dont think it really matters where the irc channel is, so long as they have plenty of contribution
<popey> and people can find it :)
<popey> Jihui_Choi: are there any specific things you guys do to promote the use of Ubuntu?
<Jihui_Choi>    I think so. we plan to use #ubuntu-ko in for official support. and #ubuntu in hanirc for our chat.
<Jihui_Choi>    not yet. we want to get some CDs, but now we plan to make our own distrubution.
<effie_jayx>    Jihui_Choi, just as long as you are able to point people to your channel it should be fine
<Jihui_Choi>    ah.. we want to use the domain.
<boredandblogging>      Jihui_Choi: how are translations going?
<Jihui_Choi>    effie_jayx, I see. thank you.
<Jihui_Choi>    about 50%..
<Jihui_Choi>    our translation team was broken. but now we have some volunteers, and tranlation rate is growing
<popey> Jihui_Choi: what do you have planned for the Seminar in May?
<Jihui_Choi>    wait a minute please. sorry
<MK-1>  popey; im here to help Jihui_Choi out
<Jihui_Choi>    thank you MK-1.
<popey> Hi
<Jihui_Choi>    we have 4 topic for beginner, and 2 topic for advanced.
<popey> Training sessions? Education?
<MK-1>  yes basically yes
<MK-1>  there will be an Intro for the beginners and 2 projects for the advanced users
<popey> Did you participate in the bug jam the last two days at all?
<Jihui_Choi>    and time for sharing some hardware stuff. and helping to set up ubuntu for laptop and mobile deivce.
<MK-1>  one of the basic things will be
<boredandblogging>      Jihui_Choi, MK-1 how will you advertise or promote the seminars?
<MK-1>  to use ubuntu as desktop
<popey> sounds good
<JanC>  how "big" are these seminars?
<Jihui_Choi>    using forum and some site about linux.
<effie_jayx>    MK-1, in the todo list in the koren new wiki. there is mention of MOTU work. could you tell me a bit about your incursion in MOTU?
<Jihui_Choi>    we plan about for 50s.
<Jihui_Choi>    does MOTU mean this? "Maintain our own Ubuntu GNU/Linux distribution"
<MK-1>  boredandblogging, we are planning to put an ad in the korean linux communty forums and some open source newspaper
<Jihui_Choi>    For now, there are some problem to use korean after ubuntu installation.
<Jihui_Choi>    So we edit official distribution for our environment.
<effie_jayx>    ok thanks
<Jihui_Choi>    add korean language pack and some package for korean.
<boredandblogging>      lets vote
<boredandblogging>      +1
<juliux>        +1
<effie_jayx>    +1 from me... great work on events and keep it up
<popey> Ok, I'm undecided.
<popey> I like what the guys are doing, and they're clearly enthusiastic.
<popey> hmm, +1
<popey> :)
<boredandblogging>      congrats Korean Team!
<johnc4510>     w00t for the Korean team
<Jihui_Choi>    thank you popey, boredandblogging, juliux, effie_jayx :)
<bundo> Oh Thank you ^^ ~
<MK-1>  thank you guys.
<JanC>  are you guys trying to get the changes in your PPA upstream?
<effie_jayx>    Jihui_Choi, keep up the great work and please do extend our gratitude to the team
<boredandblogging>      jcastro: ping
<jcastro>       pong!
<Jihui_Choi>    Of course. we want to help people. and more many people know about ubuntu
<Jihui_Choi>    effie_jayx, I see. I notice and encourge our members, especially developers..
<MK-1>  JanC; the upstream will be fixed soon.
<JanC>  MK-1: good

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