The Ubuntu Korean LoCo Team has been a very active, fast growing group of people that supports and spreads Ubuntu amongst the Korean speaking community widely. We provide the most valuable, vital information, and share knowledges on Ubuntu in the Korean language.

The Ubuntu Korean LoCo Team has composed of many people with diverse backgrounds and focusing on promoting the use of Ubuntu Linux and the free software philosophy in general. The team is shaping a set of projects that will be assigned to individual workgroups in the near future.

Key Details


  • Continue providing support as a community.
  • Continue maintaining good discussions on IRC and Facebook group page

  • March Meeting: Will be held on March 29, 2014 (Meeting announce page)

  • Have regular meetings on the last Saturday on every month.
  • 3-5 members will have presentations on seminars every month. All presentations will be recorded and uploaded to YouTube Korean Team Channel

  • Launching party - Have a Ubuntu 14.04 launch party on the next Sunday as we get the DVDs and CDs.
    • It consists of 4 stories. This party place( will be officially supported by Naver, which is the largest Korean portal website company (

    • First story: How to develop Chrome applications & Yeoman - Presented by YoungBin Han

    • Second Story: Talking about a new topic for the monthly project, "A Project For All"
    • Third Story: Talk-Battle and configuration of the environment for the project.
    • Fourth Story: Hacking Raspberry Pi
    • Fifth Story: Give & Take

    • Also, this party will be recorded and uploaded to YouTube of Ubuntu Korean LoCoTeam channel.

  • Distribution - Distribute ubuntu live media through offline meetings.
  • Website - Designing a new first page for the website and we've decided to keep the current bulletin board system due to the data migration problem. The newly designed first page will provide easy ways to access Korean Team Wiki, IRC Webchat and own repositories. It will be done by September 2014.
  • New leader: Korean Team already got the election for the new leader in 2014, but the leader will transfer the ownership, who is serving his military service, between November and December.
  • Writing a Ubuntu Manual as being stopped Windows7 Main Stream.
  • Planning a monthly project, named A Project For All: This project will be for members who don't know about Ubuntu but are interested in. Members will write codes and programs; and will have a presentation at the end of each period. The first project is writing a monitoring program that checks multiple ubuntu servers.

  • Attract more active members.
  • Focus on LaunchPad and community website more than Facebook group page.


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