2018 Seminar & Parties log

Korea Community Day 2018

Ubuntu 18.04 LTS Release Party (at Seoul, Daejeon, Busan)

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  • Seoul
    • Date : 28th, Apr, 2018
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    • Junhyun Bae talked about Ubuntu server tips like fine dust.
    • Youngbin Han talked about What's new in Ubuntu 18.04 LTS
    • Sungguk Yoon talked about A Story about container which is not related to VM
    • Hoehyung Jung reported the results of C++ basic group study
    • Kim Kwangyeon reported the status of the Hanjp-IM Project
    • Venue sponsored by WhaTap Labs

  • Daejeon
    • Date : 29th, Apr, 2018
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    • A portluck party was held to celebrate new LTS release.
    • Attendees talked about new LTS release and memory leak bug recently found in GNOME.
  • Busan

MeltingCon 2018

Ubuntu Fest in Daejeon

  • Date : 23th, June, 2018
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  • Mijung Jeon talked about Embedding deep learning on mobile app using Core ML and Keras.
  • Geunsoo Shin introduced about MQTT protocol, the social media of machines.
  • Haryun Shin introduced about how to introduce hardware development process in start-up.
  • Hanwook Kim introduced about Code-based design and Model-based design then described them by comparing them.

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