• Am slowly working on understanding and extending Ubuntu. Interested in contributing to design and programming. kernel primitives, python, wireless, ZeroConf, firewall, security and wiki ...

    Some of the related stuff I am interested include the OLPC (One Lap top per Child) - especially the Ad-hoc network algorithmics, wireless primitives, sensor networks, intelligent edges, distributed precision tome synchronization algorithmics (who knew - there is a 2nd order relationship between MANET and music !), the Tor anonymous routing et al.

    You can find some of my thoughts in a blog. I also have been contributing to the First Lego League Robotics tournemts as a jugde for the last couple of years ... the creativity of children is amazing ... Another area of my interest is the history and relevance of concert music; most probably will develop an introductory explorative-collaborative-handson music history course for children on the OLPC ...

Ubuntu Specific participation & modest contribution :

Let us see how it all works out; if the body is able and willing (the spirit is!)...; priority and focus is the key

"Not all those who wander are lost ..." -J.R.R.Tolkien


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