• in-house software developer, mainly Java(EE), Spring, Eclipse R(C|A)P, maven2, ... along with (P|J)ython scripting extensions
  • System administrator (on Ubuntu: mail services, LAMP, infrastructure - DNS,DHCP,FTP, ..., backup - unfortunately there's so far no way of having IBM machines running Ubuntu if you need a decent hardware support level...)
  • free software / imaging addict
  • NetBeans enthusiast, NetBeans Dream Team member

  • XFCE long-term user (ever since early 3.x releases, despite I always fancied KDE but never really moved there as most of my applications are GTK based... Wink ;) )

My relationship to Ubuntu...

I discovered about GNU/Linux a whole bunch of years ago (late 1996), had some sort of "moment of identification" after reading the GNU manifesto for the first time and, by then, did throw away Windows 95 heading for a GNU/Linux installation even though it rendered half of my hardware to date unusable immediately (due to lack of driver support), and it made me rebuild the Linux kerne the very second night just to have sound support for my SoundBlaster AWE32. Wink ;) Many years later, I stumbled across Ubuntu for the first time, learnt about the Ubuntu philosophy and figured out that eventually this is, from a "human" point of view, the perfect continuity to using "software libre" - to help others, to have "human" software, to encourage sharing, collaboration, communication.

From a business point of view, I have / had to become a little more pragmatic about choosing technology (as, after all, a job needs to be done, and sometimes there are constraints that just need to be satisfied that drastically narrow down the amount of options to choose from). Personally, however, I still believe the ideas of Ubuntu philosophy and the GNU manifesto as sane and meaningful, and so I keep on supporting Ubuntu wherever I eventually can, hoping to one day have an Ubuntu distribution run on our supported/certified IBM machines along with Oracle 11gR2. Wink ;)


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