I, Krzysztof Klimonda, apply for upload rights for package transmission.


Krzysztof Klimonda

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Who I am

I'm 24 years old, live in Warsaw and do freelance web development. Oh, right - I also study computer engineering. When I'm not absorbed in making Ubuntu more awesome I tend to play my harmonica and wander around my town. I love and hate programming - my two languages of choice are Python and C/Gobject.

My Ubuntu story

I've been an Ubuntu user since 5.04, all this time testing it and another distributions and even other operating systems (I've had a year-long affair with Mac OS X) but always got back to Ubuntu so I've decided to join development in 2009, when 9.04 was getting close to release date. I've joined Bug Control and worked on some packages that I care about.

My involvement

I try to fix random packaging related universe bugs when I stumble upon them.

Examples of my work / Things I'm proud of

I have triaged all Transmission bugs when I started working on this package and keep them in check along with Transmission developer since then. I also keep official/unofficial transmission stable, beta and nightly builds for supported Ubuntu releases.

Areas of work

Well, Transmission for one. At some point I've triaged all bugs that were open on Launchpad and got in contact with Transmission developers - since then I act as a liaison of sort between the project and Ubuntu. I'm keeping an eye on Django related packages and some GNOME related ones.

Things I could do better

I really have to check all my changes twice before pushing or attaching them. Spend more time on Ubuntu? Probably some more things.

Plans for the future


Get more involved in Desktop Team, learn more about C and GObject and use this knowledge to write some interesting software. Also get involved with GNOME development. Become a member of Desktop Team and get a pony?

What I like least in Ubuntu

  • There is a lack of communication between design team and us, contributors. We don't know why some changes have been made and because of that we can't advocate for this changes in discussions with other people.
  • I feel that some technical changes in 10.04 like appindicator should be postponed to lucid+1. I believe that reusing the existing menus for appindicator has been a mistake.
  • I don't understand using desktop couch for everything - why do we store passwords there in plain text? That's what GNOME Keyring is for. Why do we store configuration there? That's what gconf/gsettings is for.. Both this and previous examples feel like Canonical is pushing changes for all cost and doesn't care about them being well designed from the technical point of view.
  • Ubuntu (Canonical?) still hasn't provided any informations how are they planning to attract ISVs to Ubuntu. We don't have a good IDE for developers, GObject lack good debugging facilities, I haven't seen a discussion about how to prepare and distribute commercial software (I know that it's going to be done by software center but how?).


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Chris Coulson (chrisccoulson)

General feedback

I have sponsored around 7 transmission uploads for Krzysztof since January, with one of these being a SRU for for Karmic. The work is always of a high standard and I don't usually have any issues, or have to make any corrections or changes. Krzysztof is active in the upstream transmission community, communicates with the upstream developers and knows the software quite well. He also seems to be familiar with the overall workflow processes in Ubuntu, particularly with regards to freezes / milestones etc. He works with Debian maintainer to push packaging fixes there, and keeps the Ubuntu package mostly in sync with Debian (we have quite a few Ubuntu-specific changes now though). He has kept the transmission package in Ubuntu in a healthy and well-maintained state.

He monitors the transmission bugs in Launchpad, and is always quick to respond to new issues and escalate the important ones upstream.

Krzysztof is also active on IRC, and knows that he can find me in #ubuntu-desktop if he ever has any questions or other issues.

Specific Experiences of working together

It's probably best to look through this years transmission uploads for those:

Areas of Improvement

None really which are applicable to this application. He's more than welcome to help out with some other packages too if he has any spare time Wink ;)

Martin Pitt (pitti)

I have sponsored a couple of transmission uploads for Krzysztof. He thoroughly cares about the package, and knows how to handle it. I gladly recommend him to become able to upload transmission himself.


=== General feedback ===
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=== Specific Experiences of working together ===
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