What do we want to see in Kubuntu 10.10? Post your ideas here


  • There should absolutly be a tool, witch monitor left space on important partions by default. I just had the problem that my plasma desktop crashes without any warning and a relogin fails with courius errors. There was only no more space on / partion and /tmp . A simple warning seems not bad.


  • More branding, the artwork job must be well done. See Kubuntu Hardy artwork for a good example.

  • Competence with other DE's can be achieved with a revolutionary simple, one click config and fun to use DE with speed.

  • Port of Ubuntu Software center in Qt

  • Faster logon time for KDE

  • Kaffeine by default.

  • User awareness, people should know about Kubuntu's existance before they try Ubuntu for the first time.

  • Improved KDE ubiquity that sets KDE settings like Desktop composition automatically as per Computer capabilities

  • Improvement of Amarok 2. Its a good player but a revolutionary UI would turn it superb.

  • Overall speedy user experience.

  • Welcome to Kubuntu and tour screen on first boot-up.

  • Default to folderview desktop.


  • Web browser - Rekonq or Chromium (with Krome project's theme!). The browser choice (with KDE-integration tools preinstalled with browser) idea is also awesome.

  • Canonical Apps - Music Store support for AmaroK, Kubuntu Software Center, Ubuntu One client (Plasmoid with drag&drop?)

  • Translations - some of the SystemSettings translations are awful, especially Polish repository edition (100% in...English)

  • Video player - VLC?Dragon?Kaffeine?KDE Media Player?Loopy?Needs to be looked at, many good apps to choose from.

  • Splash screens - OpenOffice and/or some current/future apps (GIMP if coming back, too) could have Kubuntu-specific slpashes.

  • Ambiance and Radiance themes - KDM, system splash screen, color scheme, Plasma theme, Aurorare/DeKorator for each (eventually a Kubuntu-specific sound theme, too).

  • New website - Based on This mock-up

  • GTK theme preinstalled - The *buntu family is also for newbies, imagine someone installing GTK apps on Kubuntu and looking at the awful grey-ish interfaces.....preinstalled QTCurve or something similar.


  • Rekonq for web browser Rekonq is turning into a nice web browser, time to switch?

  • Firefox for web browser?

  • Chromium for web browser?

  • KPackagekit usability less dialogues?

  • Printer tools Dantti has some new ones

  • 10.04 Review What was good, what was bad

  • Xorg.conf Add an application which can create a usable xorg.conf if Upstart, HAL or udev fail

  • VLC VLC as standard Mediaplayer

Yuv (just a user)

  • Browser Choice: it's a paper cut, painful every day to the user who is not an expert. Getting the configuration properly for whatever default browser to work everywere. E.g. the microblog widget that still starts Konqueror... make a single "meta-app" to select the choice of default browser, install the appropriate package and change the appropriate configurations.

  • Media Player Choice: same as above for media player. variety is the spice of life. let user choose which player they want, and make it work seamlessly.


  • Mallard viewing support into KHelpCenter

  • Further looking at the Plasmoid Network Manager


  • kubuntu-maverick-c++-codestyle

  • Possibly use LibQApt runtime components for batch package installation in our apps

  • Port userconfig to C++, perhaps
  • Revamp Language Selector, most likely as merging my GSoC project


  • KDE

    • faster login
    • menuless windows ( or menu in title bar/app icon) ... save space for menus that aren't used often
  • simple 'open' executable which queries the mimetype db and opens a file for you
    • this is great for new users from the command line if they don't know the name of the executable to open a file with

Pan, Shi Zhu

  • Ubuntu feature integration
    • Ubuntu one (this is very important)

    • Global http proxy setting (should work for most gtk, qt, and CLI program)
    • XDG folder shortcut in Dolphin (like that in nautilus)
    • Computer Janitor
    • System Testing
  • Proposed global-menu support: provide options to enable gnome-globalmenu, xbar and bespin so that gtk and qt apps have globalmenu

  • 64-bit flash support: adobe official 64-bit flash player is much more stable than the nspluginwrapper+ia32libs+32bitflash in 64-bit Kubuntu, when konqueror start, provide to install 64bit flash instead of 32bit one.


  • Use Kubuntu/Specs/MaverickCodestylePolicy as guide for kate's defaults c++ settings


  • Use 'Featured PPA's' in kpk to inform users about extra software PPA's from Launchpad


  • More investigation on the possibilities of replacing OpenOffice with Koffice

  • A plasma widget or something similar to our Firefox installer for installing some featured or extra packages users may want to install (ktorrent, Choqok, games, etc) which may not fit on the cd


  • KPackagekit usability MORE dialogues: allow pop-ups or have "Action Required" window for package errors and/or response dialogs. Show package list for browsing before search filters applied.

  • Improve Installer Hard Disk Handling Suggest logical drive partitioning schemes including use of RAID and LVM. Suggest partition formatting based on size and use of partitions.

  • GRUB Stand-alone partition At install time: Install GRUB files to separate partition.

  • Useful Partitioner Program A useful and functional disk partition program like Mandriva's DiskDrake


  • Software Centre - KDE Front-end

  • Guest Account - KDM Guest Login similar to Gnome/Ubuntu (LP #206924)

  • Phonon VLC back-end to replace/augment Xine back-end

  • OpenOffice KDE Integration - Continue to improve upon this (KFileDialog is uber painful and slow)

  • de-HAL-ify - HAL is depricated, however KDE Solid still uses this. What can we do to assist? What other packages in Kubuntu use HAL and can we update/patch to use DeviceKit UDisks replacement?

  • Quickly for KDE - Work with Quickly devs and generate templates for KDE/Qt development with Quickly project to spur more Kubuntu development options

  • Playlist generator for Amarok to MP3 device - currently there is no easy way for a user to build a playlist in Amarok and then transfer the playlist and the music to their media player. We should build a plugin/script which copies the music to a device, based on a playlist and then adds this playlist to the device (updated based on mew filenames, etc).

  • Identical handling for GNOME, KDE (and XFCE) - See LP: #297226


  • Ubiquity Slideshow for Kubuntu Netbook -- Currently have it Kubuntu, need it in Kubuntu Netbook as well

  • Network Manager just work -- See my blog entry earlier, network management should just work like it works in Ubuntu, bad impression in Kubuntu

  • Kubuntu docs in Mallard??


  • Chromium default web browser

  • Boot improve upstart and KDM features ( fingerprint support,faster login,better integration with plymouth)

  • KPackagekit more updates from main project

  • Kauth improve authorizations management

  • Kmplayer Kmplayer as standard Mediaplayer (with VDPAU enabled)


  • Rekonq or Konqueror with kdewebkitpart please stick to just Qt4 apps in default install.

  • VLC or Smplayer as a default player those two are the most popular and best engine/players on linux one of them should be used.

  • Root access Could we get when opening a root only text file or directory a window to login with admin password to make changes. Running kdesudo "name of the app" gets really old in time... or maybe a run as root option when right clicking on a directory/file in dolphin.

  • Oxygen molecule for gtk+ apps this style is way closer to default oxygen theme then qtcurve. It is also actively maintained on kde-look by it's creator.

  • GTK+ integration improvements Maybe hack a gtk+ version just for kubuntu use that would force all gtk+ apps to use kde file dialogs OK/Cancel button scheme instead of Cancel/OK and all other small things like that.

  • Preference to Qt/KDE apps in kpackackagekit (or other new package manager) When looking for an app that is for example a comic book viewer It would be nice if the one based on Qt4 would get top priority and appeared on top of all listed apps

  • +1 for Shaman 2 If it can use an apt front end (or one is easy to write) it could solve the dialogs issue (non working java install in kpackagekit etc.). It could also provide advanced apt features like locking package versions or forcing a lower package version.

  • Aptitude Qt There is an GSOC work in Debian on a Qt frontend for Aptitude. Worth checking out once it will be ready.


  • KDM and KSplash theme - KDM and KSplash

  • Give Shaman 2 a go I think it could replace KPackageCrap.

  • Gluon gaming Gluon's development is shaping up nicely, I think we could include some games when they are ready Smile :)

  • KVM Qt GUI The GTK one is crap and seeing it makes me want to jab my eyes out.


  • Login - an option to choose the user from a list on login, rather than typing it in could be nice.

  • Defaults - I'd vote for Firefox or Chromium as a default browser, vlc as default media player. This software just work...

  • 64-bit flash - because the time is right - I've been using it for more than a year, it's solid and stable.

  • Not LTS - Without the LTS constraints Kubuntu 10.10 can go a bit more wild Smile :)


  • kcm4shell fileshare - automatic installer for it when the user clic on configure file sharing... button, as in Ubuntu.


  • PulseAudio Colin Guthrie's work on pulse + kde would be great to leverage. I'd love to see pulse in kubuntu.

  • rekonq default browser if it has a stable release in time.

  • Don't deviate far from upstream I'm especially thinking of the window button move in ubuntu here... no thanks!

  • Guest Account option for a kiosk mode account would be great!

  • UEFI support Just in case an installer hacker reads this, it would be great if debian-installer could handle UEFI now that it's becoming more popular. eg. Windows 7 installer now supports this.


I'm new here; sorry if I do this incorrectly Wink ;-)


  • Kde-styles: Maybe it's a good idea to throw away ugly CDE, Motif and Windows kde-styles and add Skulpture and Bespin by default? They are nicer and it's not obvious for every user that they are easily available trough apt-get (at least for me it wasn't).

  • Browser: you guys made a fantastic job with Firefox. It integrates really well with the environment in Lucid and I think that it should be a default browser in next release.

Francisco T.


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