Issues for presenting to the Ubuntu Community Council

15th May 17:00 UTC in #ubuntu-meeting


Summing up -- PAST

  • Since last year, the threats of legal action against Mint and other derivative distributions have upset our community. We were disappointed in the reaction of the CC -- it seemed to us that the CC was just doing as Canonical directed, rather than work with Mint to bring them into the community.
  • We continue to feel apprehension over Wayland/Mir situation, which has brought the Ubuntu brand into controversy, and has caused a lot of bad feelings from our upstream. We hope for peace and technical excellence.
  • we are missing our face-to-face UDS meetings with the rest of the Ubuntu community. Last year and again this year we've arranged a Kubuntu meeting at the KDE yearly meeting, Akademy. Last year we met in Bilbao, this year it will be held in Brno, in the Czech Republic. However, we really miss being able to touch base with the rest of the Ubuntu community.


  • We have our own webserver now, at will be moved there soon.
  • we're now using the KDE wikis to develop our user docs, and some community wiki pages. Moin moin is just not reliable. We've gained some more translations this way for the documentation. We ran out of people who were experts in Docbook, which is why we started using the MM wiki. is for writing; when docs are done they are moved to the website.

  • We are wondering about the state of donations. On the donations page, a report is promised, but we've not seen one, and none are linked to.


  • Discussing how to handle KDE's new Frameworks and Plasma Next. In 14.10 we'll be rather conservative, and offer the newest stuff being released this summer in PPA. We may be able to spin an ISO of this software; we are still pondering our best path forward.

Expected: "things you're proud of, reviewing team reports together, outstanding things and plans for the near future, things you and your team are discussing right now, want to get input on from a broader audience, questions you might have."

Please feel free to add to, change, or expand items for discussion/presentation. Also, the more Kubuntu members at the meeting, the better, even if you do not plan to speak.


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