Tutors: Clay, Myriam

Requirements: Knowing how to communicate


Support is a big subject, however here we focus on user-to-user help. This takes place in the forums, on mailing lists, and in IRC. Increasingly, social networks are a support place now.

Why providing support rocks

Providing support is awesome because:

  • It does not require advanced skills or knowledge from everybody. Your own experience using Kubuntu is the perfect place to start.
  • You actually end up learning more as you help others, which increases your own knowledge and skills. This can be a gateway to learning other things, from bug triaging to packaging, and perhaps even to programming.
  • Love and respect from everyone.

Getting Started

  1. Go where the help is needed:
  2. Hang out in your venue of choice.
  3. Answer questions you feel you you know the answers to, and direct users to the appropriate resources.
  4. Remember to follow the Ubuntu Code of Conduct.


  1. Support efforts are one way for the non-technical user to become an official Kubuntu Member.
  2. Rubbing elbows with the great, good-looking Kubuntu Team.
  3. apachelogger.

More Resources


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