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Join us in the #kubuntu chat room for support or the #kubuntu-devel chat room for general Kubuntu development.


The Kubuntu community consists of a group of invdividuals, who make up one of the greatest teams in the Open Source community, work on various aspects of the distribution, providing advice and technical support, as well as helping to promote Kubuntu to a wider audience.

What skills are necessary in order to get involved with Kubuntu?
Any and every skill is useful for the Kubuntu community.
No matter your skill level, there is a project waiting for your help. That's right! Anyone can help shape and improve the future of Kubuntu. This document will introduce you to the most common ways that you can contribute to Kubuntu: by using Kubuntu in your everyday life and recommending it to others, by helping other users, by translating programs or documents to your native language, by testing the software and reporting issues, by creating artwork or writing documentation, by fixing software issues, writing new software or keeping others' software up to date.

Many of these tasks do not require special technical skills - in the Kubuntu community, you don't have to be a programmer to get involved! Take your time and review this document and see what catches your interest. If there are tools or means of on-line communication that you are unfamiliar with, you can read more about these in the "Participating in the Kubuntu Community" section.

No matter how much you want to contribute, we will welcome new drive and ideas and any contributions to improve Kubuntu and spread Open Source to the world.

NOTE: For more detailed information about how to contribute, see the Contribute to Ubuntu article.


Share your technical know-how with other users by joining email and discussion lists, or IRC (chat) channels and respond to users requests for help in forums.
Information: Support


Contribute by writing new software, packaging additional software, or fixing bugs in existing software.
Information: Development


Put your creativity to best use by imporiving the look and feel of Kubuntu. Help design graphics and backgrounds, or themes of the next release.
Information: Design


Help produce official documentation, share the solution to the problem, or check, proof and test other documents for accuracy.
Information: Documentation


Kubuntu releases new versions every 6 months and many testers are needed who can report or confirm problems. If you like to be on the cutting edge of Kubuntu, consider helping!
Information: Testing

Local Community ("LoCo") Teams

Find and join an official LoCo team near you, or get advice on how to create a team in your local community.
Information: Local Community ("LoCo") Teams

Bug Squad

Help make Kubuntu even better by working with bug reports to ensure they're complete, understandable and if possible, reproducible. Anyone can help!
Information: Bug Squad


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