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Desktop CD


Question: Did you experience any problems running the Desktop CD, not including installation?


Question: What issues did you experience while running the Desktop CD?


Some error when finish installation and when eject disk (screen was black)...

First, I could not get mt sound card to work with my laptops speakers (internal). My sound card is ATI. Beta 2 fixed that problem. I ran beta 1 just after it was released. There were alot of bugs and a few crashes. I could only install the software by running the demo first, and then installing from the demo. The current problem that I had was having knetwork manager stop working. I solved this by installing a debian packaged WICD Network manager instead. I uninstalled K network manager and Installed WICD. It works great, and it is way better software. Kubuntu might want to coeienesider using it as the default network manger instead. Kaffeine would crash after running an audio disk. Audio and video drivers could be better. Kubuntu greatly needs a divx player for online movies. I could also used adobe acrobat reader and flash in a 64 bit final version. This bata series otherwise ran awesome for a beta.

Had to choose "nomodeset", or desktop is garbled and off center. Nouveau doesn't work with Geforce 7150M.

1. Boot showed messages such as "Assuming drive cache pass through on SR0 and suchlike. 2. Boot went black and completely halted. Research eventually turned up that on my machine, it needed radeon.modeset=0 in the kernel line. Choosing "nomodeset" in the initial menu changed nothing. 3. On KDE's splash (with the icons fading in) the screen flickers to display what looks like random video memory for a split seconf, just between the world and desktop icons.

Ubiquity crashed (already filed bug 559553) ubiquity is still very slow/not responsive. what is soo slow when just asking for the user name? (I have an AMD Phenom Quad Core). Filling in the name (typing the letters) feels like havin the processor overloaded with heavy encoding in the background. Responsiveness is very bad.

crashes in window

X11 did not start (nvidia-based-system) with the daily live cd (20100407)

Cannont connect with hidden wireless network. The problem also on netbook version and on other notebook. The ubuntu version works. At logout appear a message that try to close several tty session, also if i run the Iso without oponing any software

System would hard-freeze (no keyboard input accepted, incl. Ctrl-Alt-FN and Ctrl-Alt-Del) when trying to run the live CD ("Try kubuntu without installing") on a Dell Latitude E5500 using the default settings. Could run live CD successfully after disabling ACPI.

It didn't start in VirtualBox machine

1. Boot menu is skipped sometimes - automatical boot of live image is permitted. 2. Some text messages during boot - seem to be error messages - nervous flickering.

couldn't read cd, show install problems, after restart instalation goes without problems

Question: During installation of Kubuntu, did you experience any problems?



I had to install the distribution through the demo. It was the only way it would work.

When the language is change on assistent wizard.

Time zone step froze until mouse was moved.

I use dmraid for nvidia raid. On install no option for install boot manager to /dev/mapper/nvidia-xxxxxxxxx, only option was /dev/sda which doesnt work. Had to chroot into target and manually install grub2. Other than that worked flawlessly.

screen is flickering on my desktop (Ubuntu is flickering too) and I can´t install it from desktop CD - on my notebook is only blank screen, and I can´t Install Kubuntu 10.04. (I´m using Kubuntu 9.04 on that notebook successfully) (Ubuntu blank screen too)

as said before, crash (bug #559553), and slow responsiveness

crashe in the installation while making partitions hd

erro no instalador

I upgraded from Karmic backports. A few packages overwrote files from other packages. One package asked me to restart kdm, which left me with an unworkable system when I did

The transition from one step to another is painfully slow, especially when you have to edit the disk partitions.

My problem was that I am running the LIVE CD. Who the hell set this questionaire up, without the option first wheather the OS was installed or not?

When upgrading from 9.10 libasound caused problems, but when removing libasound-dev and libasound-plugins the problems disappeared.

Could not install grub2 into root partition /dev/sda4

Fiz a instalaçao via update-notifier-kde -d, e ocorreu um pequeno problema com as dependencias, resolvi com um sudo apt-get -f install && apt-get install kwin kdebase

I kept having to restart the installer as it would hang.

The GUI for the hard driver partitioner crashed on me the first time I attempted to install.

I'm living in Ankara, Turkey. With a working internet connection, my location in the world map is marked correctly but timezone is mistakenly labeled as "Afghanistan Time", not "Turkey Time".

Spanish translation. I fixed in launchpad

the installator was slow as hell

CPU usage raised to 100% on starting Ubiquity and the PC was almost unresponsible during installation setup - took ~30 minutes, before installation could start...

Question: After installation completed, did you experience any issues during the boot process with Kubuntu?



plymouth wasn't working as expected, giving me a lot of errors. After the boot splash, everything went fine!

This installation is not compatibility with my gaph.card ATI HD 5750...

In beta one, the system got stuck on the command prompt. Beta 2 works great.

First boot failed. Tried scanning hard drives and stopped at 77%. Rebooted and all ok. No idea what it was.

Low resolution/low color splash with nvidia proprietary drivers

screen is flickering

splash screen was not shown

splash screen not sppearing on eeepc 900a

plymouth is not working right when using nvidia-current (bad colours/resolution)

System did not restart after asking to do so, I had to use the power-down button.

Here we go again...

I got the grubrescue shell. To solve this i booted from a live-cd and installed grub on the disk. (maybe this is also an upgrade issue)

The boot splash was just ugly Ubuntu old-fashioned with purple background. I use NVIDIA9600GT and had outrageous problems when I was trying to get it working with the proprietary drivers.

When booting, a black screen apears by about ~12 secods, and then the Kubuntu Plymouth logo only apears for one or two seconds, then KDM apears.

Plymouth theme does not show up

The system would hang once, during the initial file system check. The process could not be aborted.

text error messages (black/white) that broke Plymouth screen.

it taked a lot of time booting...

False Boot Splash Resolution.

I don't see Plymouth. I see this error: Is not possible to write byte

No bootsplash.. Just a black screen that lasted untill KDE started to load

Question: Did you experience any issues during the login process with Kubuntu?



X server did not start, could not find dfault theme, had to use "lynx" and "wget" to install a new theme.

After upgrade (from alpha to beta2) can not to log in

There was kind of a problem with automatic login (it didn't work at all) but it seems that it has been fixed recently.

After using jockey to install nvidia-current, the login to KDE was no longer possible due to problems with starting kmserver. Usage of drivers from NVIDIA page resolved it.

the xsplash screen is at low resolution and low colour

kdm greeting did read username and password, but there was no login after I hit the "login" button. It happened nothing.

Question: Have you experienced any issues regarding translations?



even after going through the language options and after answering yes to the message "the language wasn't installed completely, install it now?", the dutch language isn't complete. About 75% is dutch, the rest is english.

Wine software is still lacking. Having microsoft office running in linux is no a good experience. I can't print from word. I want very badly, a divx version for linux. The codecs do not work. You still in better plug-in software for this.

Not all programs have Russian language. Also not all programs have help (even in English), for example KTimeTracker and KTorrent

Italian translation is lacking even in central apps like KPackageKit.

Some words in czech are funny - not exact translation e.g. in software sources -> title "Stažitelné z internetu" is a nonsence and new word "Stažitelné", better translation according to czech grammar is "Stáhnutelné". In the screensaver dialog in is the button with title "Nastawot widgety" (Setup widgets), this is the whole wrong word ("Nastawot"), the right-one is "Nastavit", this is the big mistake. In the other hand the translation is on the high level and I am very satisfied with it.

Wrong translation in systemsettings "General" (German)

Some program not fully translated, for example - kubuntu feedback, etc.

with knetworkmanager - it's largely untratslated, starting from "connected" indicator to wireless network connection wizard.

German translation of the installer is very incomplete. No german translation of this survey and some other programs.

they're not complete


Question: Have you experienced any issues while running Kubuntu?



when i tried to use a non default theme for KDE, KWin crashed.

The guest additions don't work properly: mouse integration and resolution aren't as they should be. Everything works fine in Ubuntu Lucid b2.

Some times any widget crash without reason.

1. A number of desktop effects say that they can't be enabled, despite compositing being enabled at startup. Strangely, one of these is explode windows, which actually *does* work. Invert windows and two more were also reported. 2. My touchscreen (an ntrig model in a Dell Latitude XT) generally works, except "clicking" (with touch) does nothing. 3. The new touchpad KCM doesn't seem to pick up my touchpad, despite it working. It just says "No device detected" 4. On shutdown Restricted Driver manager comes up and starts scanning for available drivers. Weird. 5. The bootsplash and logout splash seem very odd only showing about 5 colour tones. The design looks like it assumes at least 256 colour (judging by the use of gradient). 6. The option to change the cursor appearence theme strangely isn't under "Appearence" but "Keyboard and Mouse" in System Settings. Papercut? 7. If WiFi isn't physically switched on when Kubuntu is booting, it won't turn on again until reboot. 8. Ethias is the most hideous wallpaper KDE has put out in a long time. Please don't make this the first impression of LTS customers until 2014?! "Air" works *so* *much* *better*. Please. Please. Please use Air instead!

I run my music of an nfs share. I linmk my music folder via it. due to the large collection (I think) amarok crashed when I tried to do something before initial scan was over.

Where are many crashes, which I already send on bugtracker.

KRunner just stops working. KRunner lags, when trying to enter command name. Shortcuts sometimes does not work. Desktop autolock feature stops working with shortcuts. XOrg sometimes just restarts (maybe it's KDM issue). Akonadi's google engines does not work with wifi connections, because they try to connect while wifi connection is down. When something bad happens (eg XOrg restart) kmail and akregator marks are lost (all messages that I already have read become unread)

Changing themes, you can't load one through the system settings Wine forces resolutions w/ dual monitors set for twinview on nVidia cards

- network-manager-kde is crashing while switching to static IP

Sometimes the Alt-F2 window is not working properly. It freezes after typing something or doesn't show any results. It seems to be completely random issue.

j'ai telecharger ubuntu et je suis passe a kubuntu

many, many small design and usability errors. so much plasmoids pop up during first run at the bottom - you cant install the "recommended packages" like mp3 support etc, and at the same time the regular updates. this should be queued - one installer must not give the user the possibility to update the system when the system is in a state where it CANNOT be updated (because already installing some other packages) plasmoid messages at the bottom shoud stay on the screen as long I hover my mouse over it. the time it is there is MUCH to short to read all on it. & much more, I could sadly fill a book on little KDE flaws. I really like KDE, but this little design and usability errors make you very angry some times, and look unprofessional. any help from me, if you want and I can help.

Flash doesn't act right, npviewer.bin is prone to crashing. Minor sound issues, PCM being turned to zero.

Bug 555574 NVIDIA onboard of an ASUS AT3N7A-I was the problem in Karmic, but is now running in Lucid Beta1. After Installing Beta 1 Grafic worked basically. Now proprietary driver NVIDIA 195 is running till now stable. One Problem: Applications on my second screen (Samsung SyncMaster 2494HM) stretched over both screens when maximized. But this is also solved now.(I don't remember which adjustment it was)

I'm missing the ayatana notification alternative for the system-informations. This was possible in the 9.10 and looked very nice.

The PolicyKit icon in System Settings has disappeared, I don't know how to change the privileges of my account and often I have to "sudo dolphin" to open some folders or move/copy some files from older installations of Kubuntu or from other disks.

Akonadi doesnt work.

COnnect with hidden wireless network dont't work

Crashes of plasma after near every update process... And need of reinstall NVIDIA propr. drivers after it, even the kernel doesn't upgrade.

My mouse settings (the hal fdi files) compared to 9.10 don't work any more.

pptp-vpn connection is not working for me

When hitting "Apply" in desktop activities settings my entire screen has white bars appear down the right side and across the bottom. Restarting X resolves the issue.

Installing Nvidia binary graphics driver (version-current) for my Nvidia Geforce 9600GS with jockey-kde fails.

There is no sound.

vertical scrollbar in System settings acts weird - like there was 8-9 pages to scroll and it scrolls slowely to bottom part of module * feedback widget takes whole screen on init * text area in feedback widget is smaller than text inside it

Sometimes CPU usage suddenly raises to ~100%, especially when using Adobe Flash (video) in Firefox for several minutes. Some minutes later CPU usage normalizes. Notebook fan runs permanently and faster than with Karmic.

npviewer.bin crashed with SIGSEGV and desktop shortcut keys not working

Kockey-KDE bug with nVidia driver

Wlan/wifi driver doesnt work... (Fujitsu Siemens Amilo li1818 - sis163u) ndiswrapper doesnt work but freezes out the pc when i try to run it.

Akonadi isn´t running out of the box. Google Calendar Plasmoid doesn´t work. Dolby Surround and DTS Surround playback doesn´t work when used within Phonon Aplications (over Spdif).

thunderbird crashes (segmentation fault)

Question: Have you experienced any issues that were not covered by the previous questions?



Bluetooth still doesn't work with Motorola Razor. Not Kubuntu specific (kdebluetooth), but Gnome bluetooth and blueman work perfectly.

jockey didn't disable nouveau after installing nvidia driver: so, I'm as former Gentoo user can google and put "nomodeset" to /etc/default/grub, but others may can't do that

The graphic driver was not installed correctly

The Plymouth screen has become awful after installing the Nvidia drivers from "Hardware drivers". Also, it lasts less than a second.

Are you going to provide a Network browser like Gnome does?

The fonts were a little to big, this ruined the design. I decreased the size of the with 1/2 pt. Also the bootup screen looks just ugly. I think its because of my nvidia graphics card.

This is not the problem just.... the main theme is Ethais, and it is very nice theme, the new logo of Kubuntu is absolutely very nice but... the boot splash logo should have slightly different background if I can say... may be the ethais picture or something less dark, because the other parts are very light (ethais) in my opinion.

Using version 3.6.3+nobinonly-0ubuntu2 of Firefox, I still don't get the KDE integration. With a new profile there is still no KDE integration.

Some packages doesn´t install over Kpackagekit. (Kubuntu restricted extras)

Not a problem... But changing the order of OSs in GRUB2 is very confusing... It should have a note on installing "startupmanager" to change boot order


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