This page should gather issues with the Polyester theme for KDE on Kubuntu Feisty. It is a work in progress and may be moved soon.


Polyester Theme is one of the better themes for KDE3. We will try to report and fix many possible issues with it so that the user experience will improve.


KDE Application Issues

The K menu icons are bigger than the vertical grey rectangle on the left side. If possible, the rectangle should be made larger for K menu or removed completely.



The Polyester theme draws at line at the bottom of the menu bar, which cannot be turned off. As a general opinion, I think that modern themes should try to avoid as many unnecessary borders as possible because they clutter the UI. However, this particular line looks very poor in some applications where the main widget has a frame around it which touches the menu bar. Konsole is a good example.

konsole-menubar-clash.png konsole-menubar-ok.png

Suggestion: Allow the menu-bar border to be turned off and do this by default. Perhaps a subtle gradient at the top of the menu bar would still work, although there is plenty of shine elsewhere in these theme so it might not be necessary at all.

GNOME Application (QT2GTK) Issues

We need to test QT2GTK on several GNOME applications. These are one of the most used.

Firefox Firefox is handling this theme relatively well, but there are still some issues. 1.The vertical grey rectangle is missing.



2.Tabs in Advanced Preferences are displayed incorrectly.




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