kubuntu-default-settings is a package that has rc files for KDE applications, as well as artwork for Kubuntu. You can find most of the files in /usr/share/kubuntu-default-settings/kde4-profile/default/share/config/

kubuntu-kde4-desktop lists the applications we install as default. You can find these in the seed: http://people.ubuntu.com/~ubuntu-archive/seeds/kubuntu-kde4.hardy/desktop

The intention is to simplify settings, applications should just work and splash screens, tips of the day etc just get in the way.


  • Sub menus are bad. To simplify the k-menu, Utilities has been flattened to one level. The old kcontrol categories (X-KDE-settings-hardware etc) have been marked not to be included to stop them appearing in Lost and Found. YES
  • cryptodefaults: don't warn when submitting forms to unencrypted sites, we do this all the time with Google etc YES
  • kdeglobals: show previews in file manager by default (whyever wouldn't we?) YES
  • kcookiejarrc: accept by default (I find it hard to believe normal users really want to filter every single cookie) YES
  • kio_httprc: set Firefox userid on google.com, makes gmail and calendar work
  • kwalletrc: don't run first time wizard, its more confusing than than just asking for a password MIBBY


  • dolphin: show information bar by default
  • ktip: don't run this. Just kill it. Kill it dead. YES YES YES
  • kwin: double click on window bar to maximise/minimise (does anyone use window shading?) YES (check Seli?)
  • konquerorsu: NoDisplay (root is bad)

  • klipper: NoDisplay (autostarted)

  • systemsettings: NoDisplay (in Computer and Favourites)

  • kmenuedit: NoDisplay (in right click menu) YES

  • Home.desktop: NoDisplay (we have a Computer menu now) YES


  • kwalletmanager: NoDisplay (available though systray applet)


  • kppplogviewer: NoDisplay (available through kppp) YES


  • NoDisplay on apps included in Kontact, users don't need two ways to get to the same thing

  • konsolekalendar: NoDisplay (it's a console tool)


  • Add an autostart file for kmix, set main window hidden by default YES


  • Don't show profile option for kate, its confusing and gets in the way of the app just starting

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