Will be for for tracking Kubuntu Docs for FeistyFawn

Kubuntu Docs

This page is for tracking Kubuntu Docs for Kubuntu 7.04 - The Feisty Fawn

Ubiquity - Release Notes & Known Problems

This will replace the Release Notes in the Ubuntu Documentation, the Known Problems wiki page and the release info page. This document will be created and stored on the wiki and will consist of:

  • Kubuntu Release Announcement
    • wiki page
    • Merge of the Kubuntu Release Notes and Known Problems
    • Includes images/screenshots
    • Pointed to by Ubiquity
    • Pointed to by about:konq page
  • kubuntu.org announce page
    • Same as above but without Known Problems
  • ubuntu-announce post
    • Same as kubuntu.org but without images

About Kubuntu

  • Rewrite to contain 4 strong paragraphs about Kubuntu
    • Doesn't need to go into the history of GNU or Linux, but should link to informative www pages

Release Notes

Release Notes Have Been Moved Into the Ubiquity Release Notes Section Above

  • Needs to be shortened
  • Information on installed software
  • Day of freeze, we should have all the version numbers to be used
    • Prevents bugs due to wrong versions in release notes

Desktop Guide

  • Rewritten using information from the Ubuntu Book

Switching Guide

  • Needs to be started
    • Create Structure
    • Prepare Chapters
    • Screenshots
    • Content

Adept Guide

  • Needs to be updated and utilized

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