This page will be used to track specifications for Kubuntu documentation in 7.10, the Gutsy Gibbon.

Shipped Documentation

This section covers the documentation that is shipped with Kubuntu. Current, the following docs are shipped with Kubuntu:

  • Topic Based Help

The following documentation is no longer shipped with Kubuntu:

  • Ubuntu Packaging Guide
  • Ubuntu Server Guide


If any specifications are created for 7.10 documentation, please list them below for tracking purposes.

Documentation Needed

Topic Based Help

  • AMD and NVidia binary driver documentation
  • Wireless network connectivity
    • this documentation is already in place, just needs to be improved upon
  • Modems
    • this documentation will be a pain, but creating a generic document to cover the basics and then link to pages for more advanced info?
  • Cover ALL applications installed by default, and link to their help if applicable

  • Adept Guide


about kubuntu should be overhauled, jriddell

the kubuntu intro text on the winfoss application should be looked at, would be nice to have a simple guide to booting from CD on it, jriddell

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