Kubuntu 7.04 (The Feisty Fawn) Release Comments

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  • Ark has problems in handling .tar.gz files. I've filed a bug(#114784). Please fix it, it is extremely frustrating.
  • Kubuntu Feisty Rocks! -- nixternal 2007-04-19 03:37:18

  • Thanks to all devs for their great work! Especially the power management is great! -- stivani
  • "If your system is up to date, the upgrade wizard will be offered it via the Version Upgrade button."
    • Can someone please translate that to English and explain where the "Version Upgrade" button is supposed to appear? Done -- jriddell

    For kubuntu.org/announcements/7.04-release.php: yes. http://help.ubuntu.com/community/FeistyUpgrades is now empty, http://www-static.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/upgrading is still the same. And using adept-manager 2.1.1ubuntu3.4 (KDE 3.5.5), I still don't see any "Version Upgrade" button. I cannot find any "Kubuntu Distribution Upgrade Tool" on my system, nor do I find a hint at what package I need to install to have it. Can someone cure my blindness and point me to it? --RK

  • I've had problem upgrading because I'm in a http_proxy only network. And from my firewall log it seems adept_* DOES NOT use the configured proxy to check for updates (it does use it for everything else however...). I filed a bug (#109700) for this. Meanwhile, I was able to upgrade downloading the installation script from http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/feisty/main/dist-upgrader-all/current/feisty.tar.gz (which I found in the meta-release file on the host rookery.ubuntu.com, which in turn I found in my firewall log searching for direct port 80 accesses...) -- Roberto Maurizzi.

    I am one of the people using a laptop with an ATI Radeon x1200/1400/1600, so I cannot even use the Kubuntu live cd i Downloaded (https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/89853)! I am looking forward to getting my dose of sweet Kubuntu love as soon as this bug has been fixed...

  • I did a fresh install on my laptop (Thinkpad Z61t) and it works great! Edgy was good, but I really like the improvements in Feisty. I especially like knetworkmanager - it isn't perfect, but it is really nice and I connect to my WRT54GL router with WPA2-PSK encryption now which is just great! I really like that gmail also works in Konqy now. The built in card reader still don't work, but that don't really bother me and I know it is being worked on so it will probably work in Gutsy Wink ;) Another thing that doesn't work is the fingerprint reader, I know it is possible to get it working, but again, it is quite low priority for me, so I haven't bothered. Thanks a lot for creating a great release! -- Joergen Ramskov

  • It's great, I upgraded from edgy (on my dell/pentium-m/ati-laptop), and it seems more responsive, knetworkmanager saves my wpa-password, the powermanager is super and what i love most; suspend-resume and hibernate are extremely reliable!!!! (finally on par with windows Smile :) ) Some problems i have experienced; the upgrade broke my macromediaflash and also the capability of konqueror to play movies embedded in websites, --MartijnDeNerd

  • Starting the upgrade takes a very long time, since it tries to get the release annoucements from archive.ubuntu.com, however, I have configured my apt.sources to use the no.archive.ubuntu.com mirror, which would have let me get the release much quicker than over the trans-atlantic link. Food for thought, perhaps? Smile :) -- BradleyTHughes

  • Great release! The default artwork could use a lot of improvements but functionality wise it's a great release, networkmanager/powermanagement/default codecs/ it's all great!
  • I was exceptionally pleased to discover NetworkManager working perfectly with Atheros hardware and WPA2-PSK! Huzzah and congratulations. However. The partitioner, at install-time, was DREADFULLY slow. I'd click something, and have to wait _one second_ for the screen to update. Also, if I may make a suggestion, having little progress bars popup as child windows is aesthetically distressing...it is difficult to tell What The Hell It's Doing Now, and Why. Perhaps these would be better as integrated into the installer window.

  • Also, there's a funny bug in the timezone chooser. The map never showed up, and I just got a lot of little nodes on top of the previous page. This could be a problem with X and the i810 driver, though, because there seems to be some serious repainting issues that also show up in menus, and column headers.
    • i810 driver always worked great for me. Which chipset do you use? I had i815, i852gm, now on i865.
    I don't think a major upheaval in the art department would go remiss, either. There's just a little too much gloss for the eyes to accept. The color scheme (purple), also, is the first thing I wind up changing.
    • I second that - the artwork should get redone ... other than that awesome release! thx 2 all developers!
    • Here's my contribution for the Kubuntu team's consideration: New Kubuntu Color Suggestion - Jamboarder

      • I know it's my own suggestion, but in case it makes any difference this is the second highest rated color scheme on kde-look so far (81%)! (I didn't vote myself in order not to skew the results). - Jamboarder
  • Oh! Adept is woefully slow. Also, where did Opera go?
    • Maybe You should try Synaptic instead? Adept is a mistake, when it comes to package management...
    Good work though, folks, and I look forward to the next release.
  • Feisty is great, but there are some problems that affect me:
    • Bug #93413: vpnc 0.4.0 disconnects in less than a minute (perhaps it should be downgraded to the previous version?)
    • Bug #106786: VCDs cannot be mounted
    • Cisco VPN client, which is provided by Cisco, cannot be compiled - due to changes in kernel (after a few manual changes in the sources it works OK)
    And advantages:
    • newer packages (e.g. mplayer 1.0 rc1)
    • Adept: history of the changes in packages; frequency of looking for updates (1 day, 2 days etc)
    • a few Edgy bugs solved (e.g. apt-index-watcher consuming processor resources in Edgy)
    • and many, many more...

    -- OrkanSpec

  • KDE "Log Out..." screen lacks polish translation
  • Some problems:
    • I tried to install Kubuntu Feisty with Live CD, but it was very very slow... (I installed Kubuntu Dapper and Edgy trought Live CD without problems...), so I installed Feisty with Alternate CD;
    • if I connect my usb Wireless Adapter (Netgear Model MA101 Rev. b 802.11b) on my laptop, after some minutes, the system crashes; While if i connect the usb wireless adapter on my pc Desktop, it work perfectly;
    • my second usb wireless adapter (Sitecom WL-113 v1 002) is not recognized by default, and I had to install this driver: http://rt2x00.serialmonkey.com/wiki/index.php?title=Downloads ( rt73 USB nightly CVS tarball: rt73-CVS );

    • KNetworkManager doesn't recognized my usb wireless adapter (Sitecom WL 113 v1 002), but the internet connection is perfect!
  • Finally a very good release fully working with my laptop ASUS A6KmQ007H. Light and sound settings using the "Fn" blue buttons of the keyboard do work. Wireless BCM4318 chipset works fine using bcm43xx driver from the kernel and installing bcm43xx-fwcutter package (WPA fine). Powermanager really works modifying the fanspeed and proc frequency according to what's asked. Suspend to RAM works also fine. Beryl+NVIDIA 9755 works perfectly. Although there seem to be a bug in aquamarine : you cannot use the wheel over the top of the windows, since it makes aquamarine to crash.
    • But :
      • the system settings still needs to be improved : no panel to setup grub, no panel to setup security, no access to all the submenus of kcontrol. I think it would be great to continue unifying all this a bit.
      • bibus (http://bibus-biblio.sourceforge.net/wiki/index.php/Main_Page) can't be launched and used with OpenOffice. Bibus asks to accept "UNO connections" using an Oo odt file containing macros. If you agree to activate macros, then Oo crashes. Therefore, you can't make bibus and Oo work together and therefore you can't use bibus. It was working fine in Edgy and it works in Mandriva Spring. EDIT on June 7th 2007 : I posted a solution for this problem : see https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/openoffice.org/+bug/106858/comments/11

      • Ksynaptics doesn't work. When configured, deactivation of the touchpad when typing on the keyboard doesn't occur (it works under Mandriva Spring or 2007)// Nikoo, April 28th 2007
  • There's an excellent new MPlayer GUI available now called SMPlayer. Here's its KDE-Apps webpage: http://www.kde-apps.org/content/show.php/SMPlayer?content=54487. Kaffeine is also good, but I think SMPlayer is better than all of the rest. I think Amarok and SMPlayer should be the default media players in the next release of Kubuntu!

  • Since anonymous browsing is all the rage these days, TorK - the best Tor controller - should be included by default in Kubuntu. Here's its KDE-Apps webpage: http://www.kde-apps.org/content/show.php?content=39442

* Installation with the upgrader worked fine for me on two machines, the third one is running this second. To the (K)Ubuntu Team: Thank you for your efforts to make such fine releases!! I have one comment which may help individuals which are not that sophisticated or experienced: In the upgrade tool and generally in the whole Adept tool, when packages are installed, only a progress bar is shown and the details of the apt-get run are hidden. This is fine generally, but during the installation some tools request some user input. However, this is hidden from the user and thus the installation stands. Inexperienced users may identify this as crash and take desperate actions. Therefore, either the default option should be to show the apt-get terminal or the terminal should pop open when user input is requested

* The uploader crashes at the last step of "modifying the software channels". I have been unable to updgrade so far.

* I am a Linux/Kubuntu (7.04) beginner. Feisty is great but WLAN/WPA2 is bad! Hadn't it been for expert

comment from: Tuesday20102001 pros: I started using kubuntu around the dapper drake release. over all, there has been allot of improvements since then dapper drake release. This version has improved the user interface. I like the mplayer package support (saves time from making). I would like to see guarddog in the supported packages (as it is my default firewall). I can't tell the difference between the klipper -clipboard tool button shortcuts (kind of gives the gui a windows feel with quick launch buttons i guess).

cons: i notice power management has caused problems in this distro for my dell latitude 110l. I ended up removing the package to stop the system from freezing up at random times. The pcmcia card (zyxel 102g) locks up the O.S. at time under heavy data loads. removing the card and going to text based mode seems to temporarily fix the problem to prevent loss of data im working on, without having to do a improper shutdown. IntelĀ® 910GML still has no opengl direct rendering or 3d acceleration support.

overall: a good distro to work with. i would like to thank everyone who worked on this ditro, and for those who make the download mirrors available. keep up the good work.

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