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Small changes to the System Settings layout and list of modules.


Some modules are not included and we get a lot of requests for them. There are some common usability problems with System Settings.

Use cases

Kirsty wants to get rid of the bouncing launch feedback mouse cursor in Kubuntu, she uses System Settings to turn it off.

Gregor wants to change an advanced setting and clicks the advanced tab to find the settings.


Small changes to System Settings.


Replace the General and Advanced buttons with tab widgets. They act like tabs but because they are push buttons people often expect something to happen when clicking on the activated one, when it only works when you click on the unactivated one.

Add the launch feedback module, it is much missed by the people who don't like bouncing mouse cursors. Also add the theme module but remove the buttons along the bottom of it which launch other modules since these are already available in System Settings.

Ensure that the systemsettings.menu file can successfully merge all third party modules, currently all modules in the archive need to be listed in the file or they will not be shown, which causes problems if any new modules are added to universe.


Not sure if this is the right place for this. Please seriously consider SSI for Feisty, that means that you have ONE Password that you enter on login. Kwallet should be encrypted and opened when you log in, so you don't have to retype your password all the time. Maybe for sudo it's ok?


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