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Firefox in Ubuntu is nicely integrated with GNOME desktop, but integration with KDE is lacking. This starts with selection of appropriate theme, file dialog, default file associations.


Even though that Konqueror is default browser in Kubuntu, Firefox is still very popular and sometimes used as second browser. We should improve user experience for these users. More feedback is collected in bug #43238.

Use cases





Data preservation and migration

Unresolved issues

BoF agenda and discussion

  • Selection of appropriate theme that supports 2.0: Mostly Crystal, http://www.polinux.upv.es/mozilla/temas.php?idioma=en [Plastikfox Crystal]...

  • File selection dialog: can we integrate with KDE file dialog?
  • File associations should match KDE associations (similar as was done for GNOME - see DefaultApplicationsFirefox) - see also similar spec: KDEProgramsWithFirefoxSpec

  • Default mail application should link to the one defined in KDE config.
  • Printing should be integrated with kprinter


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