Changes to the Kubuntu website in Intrepid.


We will (maybe) soon have a new Kubuntu website, some changes should be made to make best use of it.


High priority

The introduction paragraph on the front page should be replaced with an eye catching image that includes a screenshot. It should be replaced with a shorter sentence along the lines of "Kubuntu is an operating system that makes your life easy". It should link to the tour page.

  • Maybe use the ajax script that kubuntu-fr.org uses and have a slideshow of a few screenshots?

Medium priority

Change "free download" to "Download Kubuntu for free". Move it to the right hand side. Remove the background so it is better integrated. Use smaller fonts and add the current version number. Possibly replace the whole thing with a flashy new graphic to prevent banner blindness.

Add a panel for "Community", probably below the "free download panel". It should link to the Community & Support page for users and for developers to the HelpingKubuntu page on the wiki.

Put off until a later date

Have the big banner and "free download" panel only on the front page.

Rename "Support" to "Community & Support". (./) Done -- -- ryanakca 2008-09-24 21:16:20

Add a search bar, similar to the one on kubuntu-fr.org, which can search the site, wiki, help, forums.

Replace the News list with a latest KDE packages page and latest Kubuntu release page (linking to the release notes).

Add a link at the top "About" linking to the Tour. (./) Done -- RyanKavanagh 2008-07-14 15:57:21


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