Jaunty Documentation

This specification was created in order to provide an efficient yet effective work flow in the updating of the current Kubuntu documentation for the Jaunty release.

Revamp all Kubuntu system documentation

  • Work on keeping KDE 4 documentation current
  • Belinda working with bzr and launchpad teams to identify that which has changed
  • Spec on package updates notify monitoring process
  • Everything has changed, needs to be re-written from scratch

Update Kubuntu Index Page

  • Broken for other languages
  • Several bug reports -- nixternal to track down
  • Update for new version

Create Firefox Start Page

  • tonio to take a look at ubufox package to handle this

Clean up packaging

  • RichJohnson in the process of the doing this

  • changing to depends on khelpcenter, www-browser or xwebbrowser
  • should this depend on khelpcenter
  • wrap depends on an "or"


  • official documentation on the web
  • put a link to the community wiki located at help.ubuntu.com/community
  • add and modify the custom google search to search kubuntu docs, ubuntu docs, community wiki
  • RichJohnson and ryanaka

Community Wiki

  • help.ubuntu.com/community properly covers kubuntu stuff
  • junior job


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