Kubuntu Newsletter

In this newsletter: release candidate, Kubuntu meeting, KOffice 1.5.1, Kubuntu in Rosetta, Adept 2.0, Icecream and the Summer of Code.

Release Candidate

The Kubuntu 6.06 LTS Release Candidate was made available yesterday.

There have been no critical bugs from the Release Candidate so please test it either from a fresh install or by upgrading from Breezy and let us know how you get on. We especially welcome reports of installs from the new Ubiquity installer on the Desktop CD.

Kubuntu Meeting

The first Kubuntu Meeting with the new Kubuntu Council was held, minutes are available at:

We approved three new members, imbrandon, toma and kwwii. We also discussed what needs to be done before the final release.

The next meeting is on June 6th at 21:00UTC in #ubuntu-meeting, all welcome.

KOffice 1.5.1

KOffice 1.5.1 was released and packages are available for Kubuntu

These packages contain a fix for the Kexi tables problem. Unfortunately the 1.5.1 release was too late to get into Dapper.

Kubuntu in Rosetta

Rosetta is now complete for the upcoming release. This is the first release where Rosetta supports Kubuntu and all of KDE in main has been imported.

I sent out some guidance to KDE translators in using Rosetta.

Jonathan Jesse noted that Kubuntu Docs have been imported into Rosetta and translations of them are very welcome.

Adept 2.0

Peter Rockai released Adept 2.0. Adept is Kubuntu's package manager and the 2.0 release adds an update notifier icon in the system tray and a simplified Add/Remove Programs installer.

Icecream Packages

Icecream packages have entered the archive as icecc and icecc-monitor. Icecream is a cluster compiler, similar to distcc but with a central server for automatic setup. It was written by KDE Developer Stephen Kulow.

Kubuntu Summer of Code

Google's Summer of Code 2006 has begun and Kubuntu has four students working on QTParted, Guidance, a floppy/USB disk formatting tool and a port of the Ubuntu OEM installer. These should be exciting projects.

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