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There should be a Qt/KDE frontend to the Restricted Drivers Manager present in Ubuntu.


This is another Ubuntu python-gtk application that lacks a KDE frontend. Such frontend should be created so the Kubuntu users can benefit from this feature.

Use cases

  • Wilhelm owns a proprietary graphic card and he finds the proprietary driver installation complicated in Kubuntu.


The scope of this specification is to develop and maintain a Qt/KDE frontend to the restricted-manager program. Adding new features to it is not planned at the moment.


The UI should be consistent with the current GTK/GNOME UI but it should also contain Qt/KDE-specific widgets.


Python programming language will be used as restricted-manager is built upon it. The new frontend will be written in python-qt4.

Most of the code can already be shared. manager.glade needs to be reimplemented in Qt Designer. The code which is platform independent in restricted-manager file should be split out into a restricted-manager-common python module. The frontend executables will be restricted-manager-gtk and restricted-manager-qt.

Split the package into restricted-manager-common and create restricted-manager-gtk and restricted-manager-qt for the frontends.

Bzr on Launchpad will be used as the version control system, developed initially in a branch and merged into the main branch when usable.

Care should be taken to ensure all strings are translated and as much as possible shared between the frontends in the restricted-manager-common module. As with similar projects such as ubiquity and software-properties it should translate the UI on startup so as not to use strings from within Designer which is not compatible with gettext.

A new icon will be needed as the current one is very Gnome style. We can probably reuse the existing "hardware" icon from Oxygen.

A second autostart file will be needed to start restriced-manager-qt in notify mode on boot under KDE. The notification will use a QSystemTrayIcon and its showMessage() method.

Also track implementation of https://wiki.ubuntu.com/RestrictedManagerImprovements and ensure they are done in a platform independent method.


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