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About us


The Kubuntu Testers team is a group of Kubuntu users that are willing to help their favorite distribution. Our primary objective is to track bugs and test the upcoming stable release but we actually do a lot more than that - see How To Contribute. We're an open team and we'll welcome anyone who wants to help out.

How to Join

  1. Create a Launchpad account, if you don't have one.

  2. Join the team here.

  3. Join the kubuntu-devel mailing list.

  4. Hang out on IRC in #kubuntu-devel on irc.libera.chat. You can request being added to the !testers ubottu factoid so you get notified when testing help is needed.

First Steps

How to Contribute

  • Use one of the more current versions of Kubuntu, preferably the upcoming release. ( Information about releases )

  • Notice every sign of unexpected behavior, examine it and report it in the Malone bug tracker .

  • Try to replicate bugs subscribed to us in Malone, add useful information to them (debugging output, detailed info).

  • Participate in other projects of the Kubuntu Testers team.

  • Share your experience with other testers, discuss bugs and other news via our IRC channel or the mailing list.
  • Help building and improving the documentation (HOWTOs, FAQs,wiki pages) for novice and future testers.


To be planned. Members will be informed in time via mailing list.


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