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Albuquerque, NM USA


My name is Kurt, and I won't bog down this page with unnecessary personal details. If you want to know more about who I am as a person and what makes me tick, there are some external sites that may interest you. Among them:

My website

My GNOME blog

I'm a longtime free software advocate, however with a significant streak of pragmatism. I promise to understand and respect your principled position if you promise to understand and respect my pragmatism. Free software is a big tent.


I'm employed by Monty Program Ab as Chief Community And Communications Officer. It's a fancy way of saying I herd cats.

I'm also an active GNOME Foundation member, although perhaps less so than in past years. I serve as part of the all-volunteer sysadmin team, mostly handling account requests and changes. I've been know to futz with GNOME's Mailman instance, as well. I also run the bots for the sysadmin IRC channel.

In the Ubuntu community I'm most active on IRC, where I serve as part of the ops team in the official channels. You can find me using the nick "mneptok." I'm happy to help users when I can, I only ask for a little understanding of my professional commitments. IOW, I may not /msg back in the first 12 seconds. Grab a juice box. Or a nap.

If you're a GNOME hacker or user, you can find me using the same nick on GIMPnet, the GNOME IRC network. I can be found in #sysadmin.

I consider these roles as my privilege to serve, not a shoulder epaulet denoting some perceived rank. Feel free to ask if there's anything you think I may be able to do to help either project.


If you're interested in my free software interests, I use GNOME and/or OpenBox to get my GUI world running. I have a somewhat unhealthy deep affection for the Z shell, where I spend most of my day. I'm beginning to realize I have a Bzr addiction. I use nano in the shell from years of pico keybinding familiarity (thanks pine!) and KomodoEdit for a GUI editor.

My favorite programming language is the one that results in the best implementation of the desired goal. I favor function over form, but will happily take both in equal measure. If it's light, clean, stable, and functional, I'm a happy man. I only wish I could demand the same of my own body.


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