Kyaw Zay Thu


I would like to introduce Myself.My name is Kyaw Zay Thu.I was using Online nickname is Mryotesoe. I've been using Ubuntu since Feb 2011. I am currently a core member of the MyanmarTeam and I am support to Ubuntu MyanmarTeam Event.I've been a member at the beginning of 2011.

About Me

I am a Networker.My professional job is networking.First I am a Microsoft window profession pass of one exam ( window7 ) .I am trying pass for another exam. Since I was meet Ubuntu MyanmarTeam.I am interst Ubuntu .So i am join with Ubuntu MyanmarTeam. I am support to Ubuntu MyanmarTeam by my spare time, Becoz of I have to do my Job for income.I am doing service Admin and Networker.Now I am stay at in Target Cyber,Dah Ma Yone Street,Yangon,Myanmar( Burma).


I was introduced to Ubuntu by Ye` Aung Thu,one of the Ubuntu Myanmar Loco team's core member and like Distro + GUI+Oss.Before We know about linux don't have GUI and not growing about linux.I was seen on Ubuntu like GUI effect and contain of offical default program.I mean Libre office and Firefox such as so easy use and so smoothly.And then We don't need to pay any Money and We can use Freedom.So I want to know about of Ubuntu,First I am join with Ubuntu MyanmarTeam,Team leader by Ko Ko Ye.After All I am a Ubuntu MyanmarTeam permanent core member.

What I've done

Future Goals!!!

  • To support and expand Ubuntu Community in my country,Myanmar.
  • Our LoCo team to be approved by Ubuntu LoCo Council.

  • Participate in Ubuntu global events with Myanmar LoCo Team.

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Mryotesoe at #ubuntu-mm on


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