This is the home page for the Myanmar Ubuntu Local Community Team. The Myanmar team focuses on distributing, advertising and demonstrating Ubuntu within Myanmar (Burmese). Through the development of our projects we focus on the areas of schools, business and home users.

Please see Flickr Event Photo for the latest news on our activities and events! For other activities check out our Launchpad Page


  • On 16th of November 2011 the Ubuntu Myanmar LoCo Team was approved as official Loco team by Ubuntu LoCo Council.

How to find us


Full details can be found at MyanmarTeam/IRC.

Mailing List

The Ubuntu-mm mailing list is a place to seek support and for general discussion on team related matters.

Various Web Groups

Facebook: Facebook Ubuntu Myanmar LoCo group

Flickr: Flickr Ubuntu-MM group


Online meetings are generally held at 6:00 PM GMT +6:30 on the second Sunday of the month and Weekly Sunday. Feel free to join us on #ubuntu-mm using your favourite IRC client or using the browser based Freenode Webchat.

See MyanmarTeam/Meetings for more information about upcoming and past meetings.

Team Contact

The current team contact of Ubuntu-MM is kokoye2007.

For both Ko's contact details and also contact details of other relevant team personnel please see the ContactUs page.


See the New Members page if you are interested in joining.

The Members List has a list of all current members and what state they reside in.


To get involved and see what is currently going on within the team check out our projects page for details.

Team Wiki Links

The following linked pages are links to all the current Ubuntu-MM team wiki pages, feel free to browse and contribute.

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