Coordinating with Language Teams - 06 Nov 2006

Consesus: Obsoluted by the Country Team Spec.

Problem: We need to establish a clear process for managing our relationship with multiple "language teams". We should know all the time who the designated contact person or team is for any language, and how they relate to country and loco teams. We should have an effective means to communicate with these leaders around translation, fontconfig and input method issues.

  • LoCo teams can be of two different types:

    • One type of team is not native English speakers and can help translate
    • One type of team speaks English natively and has no translation interests
    • some teams are built up around languages and others are built up around locations
  • One of the problems we are having is the overlap between Loco teams and translations team
  • Languages can map to one or more countries so assigning a language to any one loco could be problematic
  • Smurf thinks we need to create a language list on the wiki
    • ask each loco to appoint a language team lead
    • use language list to coordinate
  • Adding country information to launchpad (or wiki) and perhaps prefered language
    • you select country and you can see
      • who is your country contact
      • do you have a loco and what are their contacts
      • what translation teams may apply
        • this might be a problem for political reasons
    • need to coordinate with Jono to help announce the feature
    • Canonical Marketing may want to source information from local contacts in non-English speaking LoCo teams

  • Most of the LoCos have their material published (websites, wikis, etc)

  • MDZ indicated that they need a technical contact for each language to help test non-English builds of programs or installations
    • input methods
    • fonts
    • testing methods

Action Items:

  • Work with Jono to create a point of contact in each LoCo for language translation

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