XUbuntu 9.04 on HP2133.au from CD

Prep Install

  • You will need the XUbuntu 9.04 Alternate install CD.
  • External USB CD Rom drive.
  • Your HP2133 Bios Flashed to Vf.04 (Recommended) or ealier.
  • Internet connection for updates (200-300mb).

Sample of tests (XUbuntu/XFce) With Via video binaries (86a-u904-50937)


  • GL 3D working but with some issues.
  • GLXGEARS Aprox 300 fps in window mode, 99 fps in fullscreen mode.
  • Wifi Detected & working out of the box (Connected to local Wifi).

  • Webcam Detected & working out of the box (Working with Cheese but not Skype).

  • Sound Detected & working out of the box (Tested with XUbuntu/ALSA).

  • Bluetooth Detected & working out of the box (Notification Icon Available).

  • Sleepmode Detected & working out of the box ([Fn] F1 or shutdown menu).

  • Hibernate Detected & working out of the box (Tested via shutdown menu).

  • LCD Dimmer Detected & working out of the box ([Fn] F3/F4).

  • Sound Dimmer Detected & working out of the box ([Fn] F8,F10/F11).

  • AC/Battery Modes Detected & working out of the box (Notification Icon Available).

  • CPU Speed stepper Working, Requires manual fix: <HP2133 CPU Scaling Fix>

  • Compiz Status unknown (This is XUbuntu after all).
  • RandR function not working. Must be Disabled in xorg.conf.
  • Microphone issues. Requires investigation.


  • x4 MPlayer videos running simultaneous with scaling and no corruption.
  • Armagetron working. Tested in full screen mode.
  • BillardGL working. Tested in window mode.
  • Stellarium working. (With various options turned on).
  • Googlearth working. (Complains about RandR but works) (You MUST turn OFF "View/Atmosphere")
  • Celestia not working correctly (Texture issues).
  • Skype not working correctly (Webcam not working, Microphone issues). Requires investigation.
  • GLChess not working (Fails to run)(RandR issue).

Getting Started

Do the install

This is fairly straightforward. No hidden gotcha's here.

  1. Connect the USB CD Rom drive. The drive needs to be connected before you power on.
  2. Boot from the CD. (You may need to enter BIOS and set the CDROM as 1st boot device)
  3. Install as normal.

Update the software

After install, Boot into the desktop and install all updates.

  • The Australian HP2133 booted with a Vesa driver without any intervention.
  • If your version of the HP2133 does not boot after install, Look into using the "forcevesa" boot option.
  • Other reasons for boot failure are usually incorrect Bios revision.

Install the Via Binary Video Driver Version 86a-u904-50937

  • Warning: There can not be any spaces in the file paths.
    • eg. /home/user name/ WILL FAIL.
      • /home/username/ Is Correct.

1. Open a Command Line Interface.

2. Install linux-headers-generic (Required for Kernel Module Build)

sudo apt-get install linux-headers-generic

3. Download the driver:

wget http://www.viaarena.com/Driver/

4. Unpack the archive:

tar -xvvf

5. Change to the Kernel Module (DRM) Build Directory.


6. Make your Kernel Module.


7. Copy your Custom Kernel Module to the Install bin directory.

cp via_chrome9.ko ../../bin

8. Change to the Install Directory.

cd ../../

9. Run the vinstall process.

sudo ./vinstall

10. Rename the Via xorg.conf file (Keep it for reference).

sudo mv /etc/X11/xorg.conf /etc/X11/xorg.conf.via.3d.original

11. Download a new custom xorg.conf file. May also be downloaded from here: <Attachments>

wget "https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LaptopTestingTeam/HP2133/Jaunty?action=AttachFile&do=get&target=xorg.conf.via.3d.custom" -O xorg.conf.via.3d.custom

This is the supplied Via xorg.conf file with various adjustments. Is is setup for LCD display only.
The screen size is not adjustable due to the lack of RandR Function. (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/RandR)
If you want to use it to connect external monitors, Then please refer to DisplayConfig810 for more information to customize it.

12. Copy the new custom xorg.conf file to your /etc/X11 directory.

sudo cp xorg.conf.via.3d.custom /etc/X11/xorg.conf

13. After copying your new xorg.conf file, Reboot your HP2133.

sudo reboot


  • You may need to add via_chrome9.ko to the modules file.

1. Edit the modules file.

sudo nano /etc/modules

Add to a new line:


Unresolved issues

  • Microphone issues.
  • Skype Webcam issues.
  • Better Video Drivers (Pending Via).

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