Laurent Bigonville

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  • Email: <l.bigonville AT SPAMFREE edpnet DOT be>

  • IRC: bigon on freenode, #telepathy, #ubuntu-motu, #ubuntu-bugs
  • GPG Key: 0xFDDAA58F (Fingerprint: 1090 E797 8FBC 9E57 748E 02E6 54BC 83B7 FDDA A58F)


I started using Debian in 2002 and Ubuntu in 2004 with Warty. I use Ubuntu as my main platform for about a year and a half now, before that I was using MacOSX. I'm involved in Ubuntu since Hoary. I also have some packages in Debian


I'm a 24 years old french speaking Belgian. I'm a new technologies lover and a big free software advocate.

Informations for ubuntumembers application

Involvement in Ubuntu
  • Bug reporting, triaging and member of ubuntu-qa

  • Some merge from debian

  • Patches for various packages
  • Remounting bugs to debian or upstream
  • Working with the debian and the ubuntu telepathy team (good contact with some upstream maintainer)

  • Taking care of my packages in Ubuntu

Goal for Ubuntu

Personal goal
  • Become a MOTU and help in telepathy integration

Bugs triaged for ubuntu-qa application

  1. #82242

  2. #65603

  3. #74794

  4. #85557

  5. #76067

  6. #78906

  7. #81094

+ some other duplicates


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