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I am a Pittsburgh transplant that has been an active Ubuntu user since the Feisty Fawn days. I've had a great time traversing the community, technology, and contributing in small ways all around the Ubuntu sphere.

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Charles Butler




chuck no spam at


chuck no spam at





I have been an active Ask Ubuntu User since 2011 profile answering questions, participating in AU chit-chat with fellow members, and editing posts to salvage content from being flagged for removal/archival.

I am an active Juju Charmer, contributing to the Juju Charm Ecosystem:

I am active in IRC helping members in #juju with their Juju related problems

I have actively adopted community members, sponsoring them with time/ advice on how to contribute back to Juju (Cited. Jose Antonio Rey)

I have composed documentation for the Juju Docs: Vagrant Provider Workflow

I actively Maintain a few Charms - Rails,PaperTrail, DNS Shoutcast Airtime Fail2Ban

I have held a few charm schools to educate the public on different features of juju: Juju Run, Vagrant Workflow, Amulet Testing

I would also like to point out my Juju ~charmer application, as it was well received and has been used as a template for future charmer applications - My ~charmer application

I have attended LUG meetings speaking to the awesomeness of Ubuntu and Juju at WPLUG and Carnegie Mellon University, with pending follow up's to hold Open Stack workshops with students.

Future Goals

My future goals would be to introduce some new life blood into the PA loco team, and help rally the members into being more active around the Project as a whole. To continue being a rising star in the Juju Ecosystem helping contribute to the overall quality of the charm store, and to uphold the tenants of a Juju Charmer.


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Chuck was one of the first friends I made when I joined the Ecosystems team. He is generious, thoughtful, and adapts quickly to change. The last quality being the most impressive as whenever a roadblock pops up, he's quick to "turn left" and keep momentum going. It's cool to pair hack with him as he has a great positive attitude he really loves what he does. He's a good man. -- peter-petrakis 2014-06-11 10:58:21

I have been working with Chuck for a long time now. He has been super helpful with my Juju Charm submissions and patches, guiding me through the process with patience, working over hours to get it finished. Thanks to him I have been able to have multiple charms and patches approved into the Charm Store! I see that he is a good addition to the Ubuntu community, and more specifically to the Juju community. Highly support him! -- jose 2014-06-10 06:02:21

+1 from me, Chuck is particularly active when it comes to reviewing incoming code from community members to make improvements to all of our open code; this makes deploying servers with Ubuntu better and better each time. @-- jorge 2014-06-17 19:15:55@

I met Charles several years ago on Ask Ubuntu, he was an early adopter who helped shape the site for what it is today. Later, I was impressed to met him in person at the first Ask Ubuntu/Stack Exchange meetup in Washington DC. He's been a stellar Ubuntu advocate and an overall active member on Ask Ubuntu offering support in the live chat and the site. Recently, Charles has been working Juju and Charms. He is now a member of the "elite" charmers team and has taken great strides towards furthering Juju by contributing charms, on boarding new community members, and offering support in IRC -- marcoceppi 2014-06-17 22:30:48


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Chuck is an excellent advocate for Ubuntu because of his enthusiasm and sharing of his technical knowledge. Chuck is truly happy and excited to work in the Ubuntu community and this gratitude shows in everything he does. I highly recommend Chuck as an Ubuntu community member! mbruzek 2014-06-11 09:08:21

LazyPower is the best kind of lazy -- he works hard to ensure that Juju deploys look so simple they must be magic. He has taken ownership of Juju and gives users great feedback and support. He has encouraged and helped others prepare contributions for their own features that would benefit the community at large. His blog posts and G+ posts are high-quality, helpful, and provide a good view of what's new and exciting in his team. Chuck is a fantastic member of the Ubuntu community. seth-arnold 2014-06-17 00:55:31

What makes the Ubuntu community great are folks who are passionate about what the do, kind, and eager to help others. Chuck embodies all those attributes. He makes time to welcome folks who are new to the community, helps them get started, and explains core concepts. By doing so he enables others to contribute to the community in the manner most fitting of their passions and talents. He is a great addition to the community, and superb to collaborate with if you ever have the opportunity. a.rosales 2014-06-17 23:46:31

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