Hi all. I'm Larry Cafiero. For more about me, biographically speaking, you can visit

But why I'm here: I'm a journalist who backed into FOSS in 2006 during my campaign as the Green Party's candidate for Insurance Commissioner in California, finding that I could do just as much with free/open source software than I could with commercial software.

The philosophical and social ramifications of free software for all was too intriguing to pass up, so I have become an evangelist for FOSS and I find Ubuntu an excellent vehicle to bring free software to all (as an aside, I am a Debian and Xubuntu user -- love the Xfce desktop! -- but I also use a wide variety of distros, including Fedora, OpenSUSE and AntiX Mepis on both Intel and PowerPC architectures).

I also organized Lindependence 2008, which took place in Felton, California, in July 2008. It provided about 300 townspeople here with distros (mostly Ubuntu) and FOSS programs like Lindependence 2009 will be held in conjunction with Software Freedom Day this year in September.

I live in Santa Cruz County where I make my living as a copy desk editor for the Santa Cruz Sentinel, but I also have an office in Felton called Redwood Digital Research. RDR provides small business/home office clients with FOSS solutions to free them from Redmond's hegemony.

I can be most easily reached at larry-dot-cafiero-at-gmail-dot-com


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