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We would like to attract people from the core ubuntu community, community leaders and advocates, LoCo leaders and marketers to get involved.

This page describes the topics that are important for ubuntu advocates (those in LoCo groups) as well as links to where information can be found about these topics. There are two main sections:

Background Topics

Background information, stuff you wouldn't normally have a class to teach, but is important for students to have access to definitions and an understanding of the concepts. For instance you would need to understand IP-Addresses in order to be able to teach a network management under Ubuntu class, but you wouldn't want to spend a lot of time teaching it.

  • The Ubuntu Community
  • Launchpad

Classroom Topics

List of topics to cover in a class. Each topic should be direct and if need be, split up into simple modular components of the tasks required to be functional in that area.

  • Forming a LoCo group -- DiegoTc developing

  • Organising Events
    • Organising Meetings, physical and IRC
    • Organising Installfests
    • organising Education Classes
  • Interactions
    • Getting to know the public
    • Contacting community Centres
    • The Eduction industry
  • Available Resources
    • Shippit
  • Producing Media
    • Tools to use, inkscape, scribus and pdf tools
    • Branding and Trademarks
    • Spread-ubuntu, Get, make, share media
    • The importance of Vector
    • Maintaining Editability, exporting
  • Guerrilla Marketing
    • Local communities in action
    • Hit and run
    • Viral marketing
    • SpreadUbuntu: marketing campaigns site

  • Leadership

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