Ubuntu Community Learning Project Team Structure

General Membership

Membership to the Ubuntu Community Learning Project (UCLP) is open to all. We would, however, like to take an opportunity to welcome people to the team and help orientate and integrate new members into the team.

  • UCLP team members are listed on the UCLP Launchpad page.

  • Introduce yourself to the team and give us an idea of your interests, skills, and how you see yourself working with the team.
  • Introductions can happen via mailing list, IRC, or on the (Ubuntu) forums.
  • We ask members to post a signed copy of the Code of Conduct on their Launchpad accounts.

  • Membership can be approved by any of the team administrators.


There are a number of opportunities for deeper involvement with the project and are in the process of defining these roles using the Moodle structure as template. These roles and structure remains in development.

  • Students- People who use the UCLP site and / or ancillary activities (ie IRC sessions on #ubuntu-classroom).
  • Teachers / Instructors - People who actually teach, guide, or monitor "students" through the various courses. This may include leaders of IRC sessions in #ubuntu-classroom.
  • Content contributions - People who contribute to and review the actual UCLP course content.
  • Administration - The actual UCLP project administrators.


We abide by the Ubuntu Code of Conduct at all times.

If conflicts arise, in general, it us usually best if members try to resolve conflicts themselves, without external or third party intervention. If this is not possible please bring the issue to the attention of an administrator for review.


Leadership roles are anticipated to run for 2 year terms.

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