youssefchaker's suggestion

PART I: Why it matters

  1. What is Open Source
    • Software where anyone can browse the source code
    • some Open Source software is free
    • etc...
  2. Why Open Source

PART II: Open Source in the OS

Jad-J's suggestion

PART I: GNU/Linux + Open source

  • To present GNU/Linux, talk briefly about distros and the open source philosophy and how normal users can benefit from it (like free softwares + no viruses + ...)

PART II: Ubuntu

  1. Ubuntu Philosphy
  2. Why Ubuntu?
  3. Ubuntu vs windows (comparison chart including performance and softwares to migrate from windows to linux, exemple: MSN -> Pidgin ...)

Armageddon's suggestion


  • Open Source
  • GNU/Linux
    • Explain what they are and their importance, after all both are the reasons Ubuntu is here.


  • Ubuntu vs Windows
    • Ubuntu's answers to most problems especially the financial one.
    • Give alternatives to Windows applications.
    • How easy it is to use Ubuntu.
    • The support offered and the 3 ways of installation and LiveCD.
    • A little shot of compiz without needing to bring that to the front.


NB: This part is just a suggestion but I think it's important to be considered too.

  • Giving an introduction on the ability of GNU/Linux and Ubuntu to be configured to login on a Windows Domain Controller which makes it a good alternative of *NIX in the *NIX Labs for their students.

Black_Phantom's Suggestion

Part I: Ubuntu born from the word 'Open Source'

  1. Defining the word Ubuntu; Explaining the slogan Linux For Human Beings:
    • A short brief about GNU/Linux & UNIX and what is a distrubtion in Linux.

    • After that going through what is open source, without open source Mac OS X wouldnt be here.
  • B. Delivering The "Free Software Promise"
    • The Economics Are Different:
      • - Available globally, free of charge
      • - Free security updates for a predictable period
      • - Real commercial support available from many companies
    • The Culture Is Different
      • - Community governance and structures
      • - Open to all participants, at all levels ( How you can see Ubuntu used by Enterprises at the same time by normal users, no "Enterprise editions" etc. Trusted by everyone )
      • - Transparency

Part II: Softwares in Ubuntu

  • Legendary stability of the softwares which maintains the stability of the whole system( There's nothing called viruses in Ubuntu )
  • Explaining what is packages - Giving some credit for Debian and GNU/Linux
  • Ubuntu comes with every software you need preinstalled(Web browsing,IM,Office suite and so on )
    • - It's up to you to choose which app suits you the best, depending on your preferences features you require
  • Listing the alternatives ( = Microsoft office ) and so on

  • Ease of installation and how all software comes from one repository

Part III: Comparison of Windows & Ubuntu

  • Reminding people of Windows
  • How it won the marketing battle ( because there was no user-friendly linux which Ubuntu now offers )
  • Removing interest by listing all the problems of Windows
  • How you should do maintenance for Windows as if your maintaining a car, From scanning for viruses to defrag. and how Windows is a RAM junky and so on
  • $150 for an OS ?!
  • How commercial licensing is annoying & piracy consequences

Part IV: Certifications: Ubuntu is the answer, not the alternative one

  • How Ubuntu is certified by Dell,HP & IBM

  • Used in Major companies for there servers & some for their desktops

  • Promising a bright future for Ubuntu
  • Encouraging to contribute
  • How to get Ubuntu ( Interested audience will get an Ubuntu CD )

Finally we let users feel it practically, by showing off compiz for example and other stuff.

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