Lernid is a tool that makes connecting to online learning events such as UbuntuOpenWeek and UbuntuDeveloperWeek simple, easy and fun. Lernid gets you immersed in the content quickly and hassle free.

Lernid features a variety of features:

  • Easy To Get Involved - connecting to events is simple as running Lernid and entering a nickname. No more trying to figure out the complexities of IRC and how to enter a session.

  • View Slides In Real Time - sessions delivered that are optimized for Lernid can display presentation slides that change as the session leader delivers his/her session.

  • View Web Pages In Real Time - if a session leaders wants to show learners a website, the site can be shown automatically in the in-built web browser in Lernid.

  • Localized Session Times - no more trying to figure out session times in UTC and converting them to your local timezone. All sessions in the schedule in Lernid are displayed in your local timezone.

  • Available In Your Language - Lernid is available in 31 languages and growing!

  • Session Reminders - ten minutes before a session and when a session is starting a handy little notification bubble will pop up to remind you of the session.

Getting Lernid

Lernid is available in Universe for Ubuntu 10.04 and above. You can use the *Ubuntu Software Center* to install it.

The latest version of Lernid is 0.8.

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