LibreOffice Packaging



The following workflow has established itself as usefull from LibreOffice 3.5 onwards:

  • At the start of the cycle, we base directly on the vanilla debian packaging, rebasing the delta of Ubuntu against Debian as clean patches on top of Debian
  • This patch queue will be rebased regularly on Debians changes
  • somewhere between alpha and beta the rebasing stops (longer patch queues get fragile) and we switch to merging from Debian
  • around beta2 we stop merging and instead cherry-pick relevant patches from Debians branch to stabilize the release
  • in the end we make a clean patch queue on top of debian out of this again and rebase that for the next release


To backport a package to an earlier release, you need to:

  • Download the source package you want to backport (*.dsc file and all the files referenced in it: *.orig.tar.xz *.debian.tar.gz)
  • unpack the source with

    dpkg-source -x *.dsc
  • change to the build dir:

    cd libreoffice-*
  • adapt package for the backport (magic happens here)
  • recreate the debian control file for this release with:

    ./debian/rules control -W ./debian/
  • build it:


Adjustments need to be done on the ./debian/rules file mostly as that generates ./debian control too. The should trigger on the distro-release, like e.g.:

Once the package has been successfully backported, it might be uploaded to the LibreOffice ppa, with a clean dpkg-buildpackage -S and dput ppa:... *.changes.


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