Linux Kernel on Ubuntu Ports Architectures

Following Hardy, the linux package was subdivided into three seperate packages, linux, linux-lpia, and linux-ports. linux-ports is in charge of of building kernels for the Ubuntu ports expect for lpia, as well as the linux-image-386 kernel varient. This page tracks the status of the kernel

Current Versions

  • Intrepid: 2.6.24-19 (ubuntu/ubuntu-intrepid-ports.git)
  • Jaunty:

Jaunty Release Goals

  • Releasing with 2.6.28 or .29
  • LiveCD support on all architectures expect HPPA

Current Issues - General

  • The ports tree has not been rebased against Linus's tree in an extremely long period of time, and rebasing attempts have proved difficult to impossible. A fresh branch of has been made, and patches are being manually merged from intrepid-ports
  • We need tests for architecture specific port kernels
  • Useful drivers and features (i.e. AuFS/AppArmour) has been cherry picked out of the main tree into the ports tree
  • WACOM tablet support causes a FTBFS. Removed for now, but this should be considered release criticia I think

Architecture Build Status

  • i386-386: Currently builds and actively tested
  • PowerPC: Currently builds and actively tested
  • IA-64: Currently builds; needs image testing
  • SPARC: Needs Porting
  • HPPA: Currently builds; needs image testing

Architecture Specific Current Issues

PowerPC - 64-bit SMP

  • PlayStation 3 patches from intrepid kernel need to be cherry-picked or ported.

IA-64 - All (2.6.27)

  • Needs its config files sanity checked by someone more experienced with the hardware
  • AuFS needs porting
  • udebs are miserably broken since most of the modules requested are not built. A lot of the udebs are excluded for ia64 so the kernel builds, but d-i will need a good amount of work

SPARC - All (2.6.27)

  • LIRC needs porting if it is desirable

HPPA - All (2.6.27)

  • Needs config files sanity checked
  • AuFS, SquashFS, and LIRC need porting.

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