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My Story

I have been using Linux OS and BSD since 1993 however my main OS was always Windows. I have since made the switch to Ubuntu and removed Windows completely. I have assisted in the Documentation team back in 1996 and since have been off the radar so to speak. I have been helping many users in #ubuntu with support and will continue to do so. I believe that a community that supports eachother will survive as we will be strong.

My Contributions

  • Display pictures for use in various places such as aMSN and forums.(OLD 2006)
  • You can also catch me helping in #Ubuntu and #Ubuntu-offtopic on when I have the time and in some cases I have made time to help people out. I find that the bases of a good and successfull Linux distro is in its user to user support that you find on irc and the forums.

My Goal

  • Help out as much as I can were ever I can. And become part of the Ubuntu community, provide support and make myself available to help in any situation.


I am currently available/active after 7AM until Noon and 8PM until 11PM and on nights that I am off from my work I am available all night. (All times listed are Atlantic Standard Time)


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