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About Me

My screen name is a bad transliteration of my real name, Richard, into the Samoan language.

I first started using Ubuntu in 2007, and joined the staff in 2010.

My launchpad page can be found at

My website, which can now be found at, started off with the vague notion of being able to share information among family and friends.

I have been known to name and shame spammers. If you choose to send me unwanted email, be prepared to be pranked.

Life beyond the keyboard

I am currently married to a New Zealand born Samoan woman, and live in Porirua, New Zealand. We have both been involved with groups who help those who have been affected in some way by mental illness, one of which has employed me as an educator against stigma and discrimination.

I have previously worked as a programmer for a well known New Zealand telecommunication company.

Ubuntu Forums

I am a member of the Ubuntu Forums, where I serve as a moderator. Here is the link to My Profile. I regularly visit the forum and always like to help where I can. If I see a thread where I can contribute something useful, or even a light piece of trivia to help keep things friendly, I will definitely post in it.

I also help keep the forums running smoothly in my moderator capacity, mainly dealing with spam and trouble makers. I have been known to give people a hard time on occasion.

I have signed the Ubuntu Code of Conduct.

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