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Clear message

The LoCo Council meets every month at 20:00 UTC on second Mondays, as needed based on the agenda below.

The next meeting is scheduled for Monday, 8th October 2018 20:00 UTC and will be held in #ubuntu-meeting on

Who Should Attend

Members of the LoCo Council, Teams up for Verification/Re-Verification, LoCo contact persons or a representative of each LoCo and anyone who would like to observe or comment on the topics for discussion.

General Agenda Items and Proposals

Please put a brief statement of the issue to be discussed here, and link to a more detailed description or summary elsewhere in the wiki.



Supporting Documentation

The Council

Review list of pending active cases

Not Applicable

Italian Ubuntu LoCo Team



French Speaking Ubuntu LoCo Team




If you want your team considered to be a Verified Team or going through Re-Verification see LoCoCouncil/TeamVerificationGuidelines and follow the instructions. Ensure you attend the meeting.

Previous Meetings

You can view the previous meetings in this link:


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