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ubuntu-fr re-verification

The discussion about "ubuntu-fr re-verification" started at 17:11.

  • Vote: re-verification ubuntu-fr (Carried)

re-verification ubuntu catalan

The discussion about "re-verification ubuntu catalan" started at 17:30.

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  • 17:05 <svij> #startmeeting loco-council meeting

    17:05 <meetingology> Meeting started Tue Oct 11 17:05:22 2016 UTC. The chair is svij. Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.ubuntu.com/meetingology.

    17:05 <meetingology>

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    17:05 <coolbhavi> m in midst of coding in parallel so not me also though

    17:05 <svij> alright, I'll do it.

    17:05 <coolbhavi> yay

    17:06 <svij> Welcome to the first (I think) LoCo Council Meeting in this year

    17:06 <svij> We have a two re-verifications on the agenda: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LoCoCouncil/Agenda

    17:06 <coolbhavi> svij, thanks for putting it in place first up Smile :)

    17:06 <svij> coolbhavi: Smile :)

    17:06 <wxl> +1

    17:07 <svij> I already saw the french loco, is the catalonian loco also here?

    17:07 <rafael_carreras> also here, yes

    17:07 <svij> ah, hey rafael_carreras Smile :)

    17:07 <rafael_carreras> hello svij

    17:08 <svij> do we have any other topics, wxl, coolbhavi, nhaines?

    17:09 <nhaines> None in front of us this meeting.

    17:09 <wxl> yeah. it might be good to go through the trello at some point and make sure everything's in order, but we can do that outside the scope of this meeting

    17:09 <svij> right

    17:09 <coolbhavi> svij, yes what do we do to rejig a loco with low activity was one question thats pondering me.. maybe ll take it up at the mailing list

    17:10 <svij> coolbhavi: that's a good one, yes

    17:10 <svij> ok, I think we can start with the french re-verification

    17:10 <svij> #meetingtopic LoCo re-verification

    17:11 <svij> #topic ubuntu-fr re-verification

    17:11 <nhaines> #topic Ubuntu France re-verification

    17:11 <svij> nhaines: too slow

    17:11 <nhaines> There you go. Smile :)

    17:11 <nhaines> svij: sleepdeprived. :P

    17:11 <coolbhavi> looks impressive to me with a detailed readmap Smile :)

    17:11 <svij> alright, who's here from our french friends? Smile :)

    17:12 <cm-t> hi, I am Rudy, I will our lecturer

    17:12 <coolbhavi> yes had a curious thing to ask

    17:12 <svij> here is their reverification application: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/FrenchTeam/ReVerificationApplication

    17:12 <cm-t> olive and karum and amgie are still here if I need help Smile :)

    17:13 <svij> ok, it's a huge one, I'll need a couple of minutes to go through it Smile :)

    17:13 <cm-t> ah Smile :) take your time, I can take question in the while if you wish

    17:13 <coolbhavi> cm-t, how are renting offices and a full time employee recruit planned?

    17:14 <coolbhavi> seeing it for the first time though Smile :)

    17:15 <wxl> mailing list*S*??? wow

    17:15 <cm-t> coolbhavi: so we have an online shop ( https://enventelibre.org/fr/41-ubuntu-fr ) + help from the governement. It's a 20k project, it's a little thing to handle (we got already that n the bag):')

    17:15 <svij> help from the government? How are they helping?

    17:16 <coolbhavi> exactly

    17:16 <coolbhavi> seems interesting

    17:17 <cm-t> that kind of job is a tipical need for association, and there are plenty of association. It's a way for the governement to "create" job. but most of the governement help is for the 1st year.

    17:17 <nhaines> cm-t: the LoCo is clearly very active, and continues to be successful year after year. What is your favorite event or advocacy focus over the last two years?

    17:18 <svij> the french community not "very active", they're rather "very very very active" Smile :)

    17:18 <wxl> indeed

    17:19 <wxl> i'm blown away

    17:19 <coolbhavi> cm-t, +1 here for job creation but for a full time resource on repeatative tasks have you thought about automating processes if possible

    17:19 <svij> I think it's a great idea to go to music festivals and promote Ubuntu to non IT people

    17:19 <wxl> yeah that's super cool

    17:19 <coolbhavi> +1 very impressive application

    17:19 <svij> I think the french one is the most active one, good job!

    17:19 <cm-t> For 10 years we do our french UbuCon "Ubuntu Party", but those years we are proud of our webcafé ( http://webcafe-ubuntu.org/ ). It's an booth we put in small or big event (like the biggest french music festival "Les Vieilles Charrues"). There we can meet the people who will dsicover the free software in a funny way (we have circle of friend and tu tattoos!)

    17:20 <cm-t> nhaines: ↑

    17:20 <wxl> that is crazy!!!!!!!

    17:20 <coolbhavi> linux in entertainment.. wow Smile :)

    17:20 <wxl> well, technically it's nothing new

    17:21 <wxl> for example it's prevalent in the movie industry

    17:21 <nhaines> cm-t: ah yes, I remember hearing about the Ubuntu webcafé. Good choice. Smile :)

    17:21 <wxl> not so in music, tho

    17:21 <cm-t> we have a nice video to explain the awesomeness of th webcafé http://webcafe-ubuntu.org/webcafe/le-webcafe-ubuntu-aux-vieilles-charrues-2016-la-video/

    17:21 <coolbhavi> yes but the idea is pretty cool

    17:21 <wxl> cm-t: is ubuntu-fr's blog syndicated through planet ubuntu? this is stuff EVERYONE should see

    17:21 <svij> the only complain from me is, that le ubuntu podcast is not releasing new episodes regularly Wink ;)

    17:22 <cm-t> there we meet people who try to pronounce "yubantu", and get back with new knoweldge of what is an OS, or freesoftware

    17:22 <cm-t> svij: we are now releasing weekly episode Big Grin :)

    17:22 <svij> cm-t: great. Need to refresh my french skills though Big Grin :)

    17:22 <nhaines> cm-t: are there any problems you foresee while achieving your roadmap? Or do you think you have all the resources to proceed?

    17:22 <cm-t> svij: live episodes, and we will release the interview few after few Smile :)

    17:23 <svij> also: How do you motivate your team or other contributors to contribute? I feel like the overall contribution in locos gets lower every year (atleast thats whats happening in germany)

    17:24 <wxl> svij: i think that's less true with non-english speaking countries, as translation and general localization tends to be a thing

    17:24 <cm-t> nhaines: so We beleive having that job will help us a lot, but we might need help to accomplish the goal of the event we want to organize in 2017 (we want to host next UbuCon Europe)

    17:24 <coolbhavi> wxl, +1

    17:24 <svij> wxl: oh yeah

    17:25 <cm-t> we already started the work for the ubucon Europe 2017 (1 full time month of work)

    17:25 <nhaines> cm-t: I'm sure you'll find support for UbuCon Europe from other LoCos as well. Smile :)

    17:25 <cm-t> we visited different place, but We still have an idea of the target

    17:25 <cm-t> nhaines: good to hear Smile :)

    17:26 <svij> great!

    17:26 <svij> any other questions for the french community? Otherwise I would start the voting.

    17:26 <nhaines> O

    17:26 <coolbhavi> nopes

    17:26 <nhaines> I'm read to vote.

    17:26 <cm-t> another detail: We seel the Ubuntu LTS DVD as a non profit sell https://enventelibre.org/fr/ubuntu-fr/84-dvd-ubuntu-1604-lts.html

    17:26 <wxl> i'm ready

    17:26 <cm-t> we think it's our mission to promote our project Smile :)

    17:26 <cm-t> sell*

    17:27 <svij> #vote re-verification ubuntu-fr

    17:27 <meetingology> Please vote on: re-verification ubuntu-fr

    17:27 <meetingology> Public votes can be registered by saying +1, +0 or -1 in channel, (for private voting, private message me with 'vote +1/-1/+0 #channelname)

    17:27 <coolbhavi> cm-t, I think you guys are a role model LoCo

    17:27 <svij> #voters coolbhavi wxl nhaines svij

    17:27 <meetingology> Current voters: coolbhavi nhaines svij wxl

    17:27 <coolbhavi> +1

    17:27 <meetingology> +1 received from coolbhavi

    17:27 <svij> +1

    17:27 <meetingology> +1 received from svij

    17:27 <wxl> +1 well, really, +1943671298123759328563914869841623. amazing work!!!!!

    17:27 <meetingology> +1 well, really, +1943671298123759328563914869841623. amazing work!!!!! received from wxl

    17:27 <svij> Big Grin :)

    17:27 <wxl> this is probably the most impressive application i've ever seen

    17:27 <cm-t> coolbhavi: thank !

    17:28 <nhaines> +1, this was an amazingly well put together application, and I think that reflects all of your events as well. Thank you.

    17:28 <meetingology> +1, this was an amazingly well put together application, and I think that reflects all of your events as well. Thank you. received from nhaines

    17:28 <svij> that's it

    17:28 <svij> #endvote

    17:28 <meetingology> Voting ended on: re-verification ubuntu-fr

    17:28 <meetingology> Votes for:4 Votes against:0 Abstentions:0

    17:28 <meetingology> Motion carried

    17:28 <cm-t> <3

    17:28 <svij> congrats, cm-t and friends Smile :)

    17:28 <cm-t> thank you dear LoCo council !

    17:28 <quesh> <3

    17:28 <coolbhavi> love you guys cm-t congrats Smile :)

    17:28 <wxl> thank YOU cm-t for making ubuntu better!

    17:28 <svij> see you next month at ubucon europe Smile :)

    17:29 <rafael_carreras> congrats, mes voisins, vous êtes les meilleurs!

    17:29 <nhaines> Thanks for all your hard work. You're definiltely a model LoCo for Europe. And for everyone, really. An inspiration. Smile :)

    17:29 <cm-t> thank you!

    17:29 <cm-t> oh yes, see you at UbuCon Europe !!

    17:29 <wxl> +1 nhaines

    17:29 <wxl> now i REALLY wish i could go to ubucon-eu

    17:29 <svij> nhaines and I will represent the LoCo COuncil there Wink ;)

    17:30 <svij> alright, next up: catalan

    17:30 <olive> thx !

    17:30 <rafael_carreras> here Smile :)

    17:30 <cm-t> wxl: next year maybe ?

    17:30 <wxl> cm-t: absolutely!

    17:30 <svij> #topic re-verification ubuntu catalan

    17:30 <wxl> cm-t: especially if it's in france Wink ;)

    17:30 <svij> rafael_carreras from the catalan community is here, anyone else? Smile :)

    17:31 <svij> here's their reverification application: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CatalanTeam/ReVerificationApplication2016

    17:31 <rafael_carreras> yes, there is josepgallart also

    17:31 <svij> I'll need some minutes to go through the application

    17:32 <rafael_carreras> ok, take your time

    17:32 <coolbhavi> rafael_carreras, nice application but in the past as I remember there were few issues in the spanish side of the team .. how did you guys overcome those?

    17:32 <nhaines> One issue I had with the application is that there is an impressive list of events, but no real links to wiki pages or articles or blog posts that describe those events.

    17:33 <rafael_carreras> we are separate teams, so there are no issues

    17:33 <rafael_carreras> in fact ther were never issues with them, only with the LoCo Council Smile :-)

    17:33 <nhaines> For instance, all the launch parties link to the release wiki pages. (festa Ubuntu 16.04 LTS, for instance, links to the XenialXeres page and not a writeup of the event.)

    17:34 <coolbhavi> heh ok Smile :)

    17:34 <svij> that's also the issue which I have now, nhaines

    17:34 <rafael_carreras> that's right, I cound try to find some summaries

    17:35 <rafael_carreras> but I don't think there are any for the last one

    17:35 <nhaines> I had to use the monthly team reports to sort of fill in the gaps.

    17:35 <svij> you can also just say it here for now. What were self-organized events, what were events where you were participating? And how many attended?

    17:36 <nhaines> Blog posts are important! They let others know what you've done, how things went, and can inspire new LoCo members and other groups to be more active or to attend an event in the future. Smile :)

    17:36 <rafael_carreras> yes, i know, nhaines

    17:36 <wxl> it's interesting that there are links, but many go nowhere

    17:36 <svij> blog posts with photos of all the people Smile :)

    17:36 <wxl> e.g. https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CatalanTeam/ReVerificationApplication2016/UbuntuGlobalJam022015

    17:36 <rafael_carreras> usually, we have about 50 people on each event

    17:37 <rafael_carreras> there are self-organised events

    17:37 <nhaines> wxl: I think most of those dead links are just moinwiki's camelCase autolinking and not intentional links.

    17:37 <wxl> nhaines: i would normally think so, but that's not the case

    17:37 <rafael_carreras> last one was not very attended, but next one is more organised and we think it will be massive

    17:38 <nhaines> wxl: not your example obviously but I got that sense in general.

    17:38 <nhaines> rafael_carreras: that's the install party in Sant Andreu?

    17:39 <nhaines> No, the xerrameca party in Ripoll.

    17:39 <wxl> rafael_carreras: is the mailing list new? i only see archives in this month

    17:39 <rafael_carreras> yes, we migrated the list

    17:39 <wxl> good job Smile :)

    17:39 <svij> i see it starting from may: https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-cat/

    17:40 <rafael_carreras> we had two of them and migrated to one in ubuntu servers

    17:40 <rafael_carreras> want the previuos links to the other lists?

    17:41 <nhaines> Yes please. Smile :) (And feel free to add it to your application, just for future reference.)

    17:41 <wxl> rafael_carreras: sure! might want to link them off the mailman info so that others can see those

    17:41 <nhaines> rafael_carreras: how do you see the LoCo changing in the next year?

    17:41 <coolbhavi> rafael_carreras, last time when reverification came there were few issues taken up right to the CC if I remember in october 2014.. Are all fine now? Smile :)

    17:42 <wxl> rafael_carreras: ajuda.ubuntu.cat goes to http://planeta.ubuntu.cat/ which seems to be blank? i know it's not done but i guess that's a bit confusing.

    17:42 <svij> http://www.ubuntu.cat/planet was linked somewhere else

    17:42 <rafael_carreras> ancient mailing list: http://llistes.cpl.upc.edu/pipermail/ubuntucat-info/

    17:43 <wxl> rafael_carreras: nice website Smile :)

    17:43 <rafael_carreras> nhaines: we are seeing a bit more activity and new mebers are approaching

    17:43 <rafael_carreras> so we see a bright future

    17:43 <wxl> rafael_carreras: that list is still live tho? last message from september?

    17:44 <coolbhavi> +1 wxl

    17:44 <rafael_carreras> coolbhavi: yes, ther is all fine now, thanks Smile :)

    17:44 <wxl> oh nevermind what i said about ajuda. too many tabs. like svij it's the planet that goes nowhere

    17:44 <nhaines> Yes, might want to reach out to the person who postedin September and point him to the new list. Smile :)

    17:44 <svij> and close the old list Wink ;)

    17:44 <coolbhavi> good progress from that position though rafael_carreras

    17:44 <wxl> i love those maps!

    17:45 <svij> maps?

    17:45 <rafael_carreras> wxl: thanks, we'll see that with the web hackers

    17:45 <rafael_carreras> wxl: no, that list is not in use, we migrated to the ubuntu server one

    17:47 <wxl> nice art Smile :) https://ca.m.wikibooks.org/wiki/Guia_Ubuntu/%C3%8Dndex_16.04_LTS

    17:47 <rafael_carreras> svij: a message was sent to the university in wich there is the server, but they did not erase the list

    17:47 <svij> rafael_carreras: ah okay Smile :)

    17:47 <nhaines> rafael_carreras: maybe ask again, but of course that's not your fault. Smile :)

    17:47 <svij> yup

    17:48 <nhaines> Well, I'm certainly ready to vote.

    17:48 <svij> me too

    17:49 <coolbhavi> same here

    17:49 <wxl> me, too

    17:49 <svij> #vote re-verification ubuntu-cat

    17:49 <meetingology> Please vote on: re-verification ubuntu-cat

    17:49 <meetingology> Public votes can be registered by saying +1, +0 or -1 in channel, (for private voting, private message me with 'vote +1/-1/+0 #channelname)

    17:49 <svij> #voters coolbhavi wxl nhaines svij

    17:49 <meetingology> Current voters: coolbhavi nhaines svij wxl

    17:50 <nhaines> I hope to see more blog posts in the future, which will improve the application and increase participation as well. But...

    17:50 <wxl> +1 solid effort. keep up the good work as the Catalan community needs you!! work on documenting more, though, for future applications, not to mention for the sake of the larger community, other LoCos

    17:50 <meetingology> +1 solid effort. keep up the good work as the Catalan community needs you!! work on documenting more, though, for future applications, not to mention for the sake of the larger community, other LoCos received from wxl

    17:50 <nhaines> +1, the LoCo is active and I hope it continues to grow. Smile :)

    17:50 <meetingology> +1, the LoCo is active and I hope it continues to grow. Smile :) received from nhaines

    17:50 <coolbhavi> +1 considering the progress from their oct 2014 situation .. impressive to say the least Smile :)

    17:50 <meetingology> +1 considering the progress from their oct 2014 situation .. impressive to say the least Smile :) received from coolbhavi

    17:51 <svij> +1 from me, I agree on nhaines and wxl points.

    17:51 <meetingology> +1 from me, I agree on nhaines and wxl points. received from svij

    17:51 <svij> #endvote

    17:51 <meetingology> Voting ended on: re-verification ubuntu-cat

    17:51 <meetingology> Votes for:4 Votes against:0 Abstentions:0

    17:51 <meetingology> Motion carried

    17:51 <svij> congrats rafael_carreras and ubuntu-cat Smile :)

    17:51 <rafael_carreras> thanks a lot!

    17:51 <svij> I'm still searching for cats on ubuntu.cat Big Grin :)

    17:51 <rafael_carreras> hehe

    17:51 <wxl> hahahah yes svij !!!

    17:51 <svij> (ok, baaad joke, I know)

    17:51 <wxl> MORE CATS

    17:51 <coolbhavi> congrats rafael_carreras Smile :)

    17:52 <rafael_carreras> thanks

    17:52 <svij> alright that's it for the re-verifications

    17:53 <svij> if anyone wants to speak about anything else, if not, we're done for today Smile :)

    17:53 <coolbhavi> I am fine and done Smile :)

    17:54 <wxl> ditto

    17:54 <coolbhavi> thanks svij again for putting things in place Smile :)

    17:54 <wxl> yes svij you are the man!

    17:54 <nhaines> svij: thanks for chairing the meeting tonight! You were great!

    17:55 <svij> thanks! Smile :)

    17:55 <svij> #endmeeting

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