The Ubuntu LoCo Council is comprised of dedicated members of the Ubuntu Community appointed by the Community Council after an open nominations period. They have diverse backgrounds, but have a firm understanding of what makes up successful LoCos. The LoCo Council was set up to govern Ubuntu LoCo teams, and utilizing their past experiences, provide guidance and help when needed to these teams and lead them by example.

The LoCo Council governs the LoCo community, make decisions on resource allocation, deals with conflict resolution and make decisions about where the project should move forward.

The LoCo Council governs the LoCo Community; responsibilities include but are not limited to the following:


The current membership of the council is can be found on the Launchpad group:

You can reach the council via mail: loco-council<at>

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Meetings and Business

All related on LoCo Council meetings and dealings is on the Agenda.

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