LoCo Feedback: Languages

LoCo people of the world, we are looking for your feedback about languages. Matt Zimmerman asked me to solicit your opinions about the current language support in Ubuntu.

We want to know:

  • Does Ubuntu 6.10 properly support input in your local language(s)? This includes keyboard configuration, non-latin input methods where applicable etc. If not, what are the problems? Please provide bug numbers where possible.
  • Is your local language clear and readable using the fonts supplied with Ubuntu 6.10?
  • If not, is there a better free font / font configuration / hinting / etc. available?
  • Is Ubuntu 6.10 well translated in your local language? (CD boot text, installer, desktop applications)

The following languages we are particularly keen to know about - if you have experience with them, do add your notes here:


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Indian languages


  • sriramadas

    • The support of Tamil in edgy is indeed good.
    • The SCIM input method fits well.
    • But the standard key board recommemded by the our Government has not been included the scim-tables-additional packages.
    • We are in process of carving out the scim-additional-tables package to get scim-tamil-tables which will have the most commonly used keyboard layouts.
    • Resolving Tamil text in Firefox browser's address bar is problametic while the same is not a problem in Konqueror. We will soon report a bug and update here.
    • The translations are satisfatory but has to go a long way in terms of quality. We have decided to do translations at the Upstream itself.
    • Would be better if some mechanism could seperate the KDE, GNOME, XFCE and Ubuntu specific packages in rosetta. Right now all are presented together.

  • M.Mauran

    • not satisfied with the default indic Unicode font "serif" (free serif?). It's Tamil characters are non proper.
    • Default Interface font "sans" and Default CTL font in openoffice are not rendering Tamil unicode correctly.

Portuguese (Brazilian)

  • LucasArruda

    • First, I will thank for the good work, for the translation system is good and pratical. Also is using the language on Ubuntu.
    • Problems I would list:
      • Local page on Firefox and Epiphany is "localised" but links to only English material, which we find not really good.
      • In the graphical installation, changing the language to pt_BR won`t change the button "Cancel" and "Forward", just the next screen buttons.
      • We are having some troubles with Rosetta. Timeout error is becoming frequent and we really need it to work as bugless as possible so we could work as much as we can on the translation.
      • Also, I would like to suggest some filter features on Rosetta, like "by translator name", "last translated".
    • Further "problems" or suggestions are fit to our team, to keep the good work and try to translate as much as we can, but keeping the quality of the translations.


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  • EmilioPozuelo:

    • Spanish language is well-supported. Characters displayed without problems, keyboard layout well-detected... No problems, at least for me Wink ;)

    • The fonts look nice.
    • Most of Ubuntu 6.10, as you can see here, is translated into Spanish. However, the ubuntu-es-l10n is working to improve its service, and its translation (carlos is doing it).

  • RolandoBlanco:

    • Spanish language is well-supported. Characters displayed without problems, keyboard layout well-detected.
    • The fonts look excelent.
    • I found easly extra fonts.
    • ubuntu-es-l10n works excelent too!, very neutral translations :D, But we need work in more Spanish Documentation, in fact we have a Project in the Launchpad. But the owner don't wanna work more with Ubuntu, then we must to take the project again. (

  • MarcPerna:

    • Spanish language is very well supported, but firefox in 6.10 comes in English.


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  • AlperenYusufAybar:

    • Turkish language is well supported, but still have some work to do.
    • Keyboard layout detected correctly.
    • No character display problem.


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Other Comments

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