During the Lucid Release cycle, the LoCo Council has been tasked with identifying Approved LoCo teams which were approved close to, or over 2 years ago, and are due for re-approval. Each of the LoCo Council Members have been assigned LoCo's to contact for Re-Approval, and have made some real progress identifying 26 Teams. 10 of the teams have been contacted, and 1 Team has been re-approved. The LoCo Council has 2 official meetings left, but have been discussing the possibility of adding a couple of special meetings in order to meet the LoCo Council's aggressive schedule.

The Local Council met on the February 16th. There were three teams that attended this meeting: Ubuntu Belgian LoCo (up for Re-Approval), Ubuntu Quebec LoCo (up for Approval), and the Ubuntu Mexico LoCo (Up for Approval). All of the teams have done some really incredible work for Ubuntu and our Community. Please see the minutes for further details.

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