This month the LoCo Council began using MootBot. We discussed our agenda items, giving links and updates on the Re-Approval Proccess. Here are the items that were discussed and a small description please see our archived agendahere for further information.

  • LoCo teams were asked to have their team contact update the chanops for their respective channels.

  • The IRC council also requested for chanops to idle in #ubuntu-irc.
  • Discussed LoCo Directory Access and Bug# 526800. LP dev folks would create a LP group for event-editors, default the event-director team to be the loco team.

  • The Russia Novosibirsk LoCo Team was up for approval and was asked by the LoCo Council re-apply in the future.

  • The Colorado Team was also asked to re-apply for their re-approval in the future.
  • The Indiana LoCo Team was voted on by the LoCo Council members that were present.

  • The Florida Team also were voted on by the LoCo Council members that were present.

The vote for the Indiana Team and Florida Team was continued by the council offline and we reached a positive quorom for both teams. The LoCo Council offered assistance in helping the teams re-apply in the future. El Salvador team will be handled for re-approval through the Mailing list.

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