Meeting Held on February 15th, 2011.

The Ubuntu Global Jam is swiftly approaching, In our meeting we discussed things we can do to help promote participation.

The Ubuntu Global Jam event is an event where every cycle LoCo Teams can join together and devote a weekend in effort to help the impending release. With Unity shipping it's important to try and get as much participation as possible.

The question was raised, "How can we get more teams involved"?

Here are some of the proposed ideas:

Blog about it! Give a session about UGJ during Ubuntu Developer Week. Next LoCo Council meeting will be devoted to UGJ.

It was discussed in the past that there should be a focus on trying to get teams together, but we would like to encourage all Loco's and Loco Team Members that they don't need to have a huge event. If more than one person gets together and helps in any area that participation is just as valuable. Think Globally, and act Locally.

All of the council have agreed to blog at at least once a week about the UGJ, and we will also promote it on several key Mailing Lists.

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