Comments for Unifying LoCo Teams w/Launchpad Spec

All comments and unresolved issues are here to keep the spec clean.

Unresolved issues

  • Can we enable automatic creation of mailing list for approved LoCo?

  • Can we enable automatic subscription of mailing list for any LoCo?

  • Can we enable automatic creation of website for approved LoCo?

  • Can we enable automatic creation of a Planet for approved LoCo?

  • What sort of permission/interface is required for allowing LoCo team email address forwarding?

  • Can we create a type of a 'heat map' (i.e. user map) of each Country/State based on Melissa's coloured map which includes identification of approved teams?
  • Should we require users of LoCo teams to sign the CoC before they can obtain the features we are recommending in the use cases?

  • Today sub-grouping of Launchpad teams is done manually be emailing launchpad-admin or rosetta-admin. This should be automated somehow.
  • Do we include linking alias email domains to the launchpad web and/or wiki page for each LoCo team?

  • Is it possible to enable RSS/OMPL feeds from Launchpad such that websites can automatically receive feeds from Launchpad using the meeting items described above?

BoF agenda and discussion


  • A CMS integrated with launchpad would be _really_ cool. Right now, for practical reasons, we have chosen to make the site as static as possible, versus dynamic data on the wiki. Launchpad integration would afford us the best of both worlds here. Less bloat, less maintenance, less vulnerable to failure (volunteer admin), easier to distribute editing work.
  • For our volunteer map, launchpad would be a privacy problem. Right now, we collect sensitive data like exact street address, cell phone number, ... I don't feel comfortable entrusting this kind of data to Launchpad as it stands, a closed application controlled by a for profit company. I'm afraid volunteers are just not going to accept this, privacy sensitive as many of them are. Having the foundation in charge of guarding this data might be a nice step, but my gut feeling is that this information should ultimately be under the control of the locoteam itself.
  • Would Launchpad also help with the issue of non-response to requests for mailing lists/other resources? i.e. Joey has been trying to get a mailing list setup with no response under the usual process. Could this new process have some sort of tracking for support issues that continue to go unresolved? (similar to the internal problem tracking ticket system) There needs to be some redundancy in the process so there is not a single point failure when Teams are asking for help.
  • Instead of generating a configuration file for a Planet based on the members of a given LoCo Team (like the current PlanetPlanet configuration file), and then have that file copied/moved to the designated location, we could adopt a system like feedburner. This one single feed could then be used in a local configuration file, and thus avoid the generate/save/copy or move procedure usually used for Planets.

  • I think it'd be better to rewrite item number 4 under the "Implementation" section as a use case, because the generation of the team list in an easily parseable format is not mentioned anywhere.
  • I thought we agreed on first implementing the generation of the planet config file as well as the user maps. My main concern is that we can't promise to implement the mailing lists support any time soon, because we don't yet have the okay for the integration of teams with mailing lists and also because it would require a lot of work, once approved.
  • We currently ask that a team have mailing list, wiki page and irc set up before they approved. Are we changing the requirements for approval?
  • I don't think Ubuntu-fr would like to rely on launchpad, for the following reasons:
    1. Launchpad isn't available in french. Our whole work is to make Ubuntu available for non-english speakers; it would be too sad if non-english speakers could not get involved.
    2. Many people don't like launchpad being closed-source, or at least, non-free - if we have the choice, we prefer to have the control over the tools we use.
    3. We already have the services enumerated before... maps, planet, and such.. And they all work just fine Smile :)

  • Anyway, I think it may be a really good start for new oncoming locoteams - so they have quickly somethink to work with.
  • Is this a direction Launchpad wants to go in? It wants to be distro-neutral and while yes, a lot of what is spec'd here has wider applicability, it is somewhat Ubuntu specific. (as an aside it surprises me that the Ubuntero Yes/No is so prominent in a persons LP profile). Perhaps have a separate home ( but linked-to/authenticated-from Launchpad -- DavidSymons

  • I would like to see a LoCo member's Launchpad help, for example a combined Karma counter or combined Rosetta translation. I think that would be a neat idea. Further, it seems we have an issues having meetings. just because we don't keep a centralized list of locations of members. As I am hesitant to do that for privacy purposes, I think it would be a good idea to use a Google map or something that allows a user to add a little flag where they live and have that calculate a general central point of meeting.

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