In order for localized images to be considered part of the Ubuntu family, we ask for them to follow a set of policies to protect the trademark and dress code of Ubuntu.

Localized images policies

Ubuntu Which aspects of the images can be localized?

The following areas can be localized at the technical level:

  • Keyboard layout
  • Default applications file association
  • Rhythmbox/Banshee radio stations
  • Installation of additional packages
  • Internationalization support (languages and keyboard layout)
  • Default desktop session in login managers (LightDM and GDM)
  • Additional icons

However, additional restrictions apply to these items:

  • Web browser bookmarks (Firefox): TBD

  • Web browser default search engine: TBD

  • Web browser start page: please use only the provided start pages, we use an affiliate code in our start page to generate revenue. Learn more about the provided web browser start pages.

  • Desktop background image: please do not change the background image, as this is part of Ubuntu's trade dress.
  • Additional Unity launchers: please feel free to add new launchers can be, but do not remove the launchers shipped by default.

Ubuntu Will these images be considered as official Ubuntu images, or rather as a remix?


This is going to be in part dependent on the level of QA and signoff on the images, as well as what has changed. Once we are able to define the testing, and scope of changes, we'll know better how these images should be labeled.

Ubuntu Where will these images be published?

At least for the first iteration, we're relying on LoCo and translation teams to use the standard toolset we're providing to create and host their own images. That does not mean that in the future, and given enough testing, we could not publish the images on e.g. cdimages.ubuntu.com

Ubuntu Will the images need to be tested on each milestone during the development cycle?

Testing during the development cycle will be at the discretion of the image contact and test contact. Testing can happen on milestone images, which is useful for finding and getting bugs fixed before the final release. Widespread distribution of a localized image should only be based on the official final release images.

Ubuntu How will the testing of the localized images be done?

TBD This is still being brainstormed.

Ideally once a base release image is available, the translation team contact for that language, should signoff that the right langpacks have been pulled into the build of localized candidate image.

Then the image should go through a series of standard tests, to check that the basic functionality and translations are appropriate. The set of test (manual and automated) is still TBD (help welcome).

We're investigating being able to make the iso tracker available, and have a set of defined manditory tests to be run to verify the expected languages and customizations are in place, so that community participation in the testing can occur, and folks using the images know there has been some QA checking.

Ubuntu How can I name my localized image?


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