Introducing Lubuntu Team

Lubuntu as an idea came into being in 2009. It has a dedicated set of developers who ensure that Lubuntu goes from strength to strength. You may be wondering how long it took to become a fully adopted member of the Ubuntu family? Lubuntu became a full member of the Ubuntu family in late 2011. Lubuntu has proved itself and gained the official title by the efforts of its members, teams and all the help of Lubuntu users, Ubuntu-family users, Canonical, and many, many individuals.

With the amazing growth of Lubuntu itself, the project really needs more people to help out. You are here because you like Lubuntu and care about it. Your support and contribution are highly appreciated and needed.

Where to Contribute

There are many areas where you can contribute and help Lubuntu with. Choose whatever you like the most. ALL help and contributions are highly appreciated and more than welcome.

Please see: Sub Teams

How to Join?

Before joining, you need to understand more about Lubuntu Community.

Lubuntu Community

Consists of two main groups:

Lubuntu Users

Newcomers, Beginners, Average, or Advanced Users, all of those belong to Lubuntu Users Group. You simply become a Lubuntu User when you download, install Lubuntu and start using it.

As a User, Lubuntu asks you to help and contribute by helping other users, specially technical support on Lubuntu Support Channels.

We also ask to join our Mailing Lists.

Lubuntu Official Members

To join up as an official member of the Lubuntu team, please do at least these steps:

By the way, being a contributing Lubuntu Member is a great way to get your Ubuntu Membership!

Who are we?

This is a list of Lubuntu Community Members (Users and Official Members): Click Here.

How to Create a new Wiki Page

  • Short Way - See This Video.

  • Long Way - Follow the below Steps:

1- Open your browser and type this:

2- Login with your Launchpad Account:


3- Add the desired name for your Wiki Page. Most of us are using their username on launchpad, Ubuntu Forum, etc. After that, just press Enter.

4- Just click on Create new empty page as shown on this screenshot:

5- Now, start fill in your information that you would like to share with Lubuntu/Ubuntu Community like your launchpad link, email, etc. Introduce yourself and talk about your goals, experience with Lubuntu, etc. All that would be nice. For example, see this

For more information on how to edit your Wiki Page, please have a read on HelpOnEditing

  • After you create your Launchpad login, don't forget to add your name on the members list and subscribe to the mailing list

  • Please hang out in the team IRC channel (which can also be used for offtopic-chatter) is #lubuntu-offtopic on

How to get started

This is the most asked question after reading all the above. Assuming you have made your choice of which one of the Sub-Teams of Lubuntu you would like to join. Also, assuming you have already joined Lubuntu Mailing List and did all the steps/requirement mentioned previously, you are good to go. All what you need to do is:

  1. Send a new email to the mailing list to introduce yourself with a link of your Wiki Page.
  2. Send a request to join one (or more) of the Sub-Teams of Lubuntu that you are interested about and think you fit the most in. The Head of that sub-team will approve your request as soon as he/she will receive it. However, it is strongly recommended to contact the Head of the Sub-Team that you wish to join before to make yourself known Smile :)

  3. If you have a Social Network Account, join Our Social Networks Areas

  4. Welcome to Lubuntu Team Smile :)

Contributing to the LXDE project

If you are interest in contributing to LXDE, please visit the LXDE project website, and join the LXDE developers mailing list. More ideas on joining the LXDE project are on the Join LXDE page.

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