Personal details

  • Name: Luca Falavigna

  • Nickname: DktrKranz

  • Hometown: Guastalla (RE) - Italy

  • Date of birth: 12.08.1983


Ubuntu activities


I am involved in Ubuntu development. Being part of MOTU team, I work with several developers to provide our users solid, up-to-date and bug-free software. Packages I've worked on can be found here. My maint interests are QA-related. I provide support for both development releases (bugfix, merges, syncs) and stable releases (Stable Release Updates). Please see following links for further reference:

Plans for the future include improving overall Quality Assurance infrastructure implementing new tools to be used together with the one already in place in order to simplify testing and fixing phases for issues raised during Ubuntu development cycle.


I am member of Ubuntu Sponsors for Universe, I like spending some time to check patches and debdiffs provided by our precious contributors. Their work is invaluable because it is very useful for overall Ubuntu development. Contributors will turn developers soon, providing them advices and guidance will be of sure help.

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